Secret Service Investigates Ted Nugent’s Remarks on President Obama

Ted NugentReports Devin Dwye on ABC News:

The U.S. Secret Service is looking into the incendiary and potentially threatening remarks made by rocker and Mitt Romney-backer Ted Nugent at the National Rifle Association convention over the weekend. “We are aware of them and we are conducting the appropriate follow-up now,” Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie told ABC News.

Nugent told a crowd of convention goers that “if Barack Obama becomes the president in November, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

“If you can’t go home and get everybody in your lives to clean house in this vile, evil, America-hating administration, I don’t even know what you’re made of,” he said. The comments were caught on tape and posted online by the website Right Wing Watch.

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  • Heath

    “if Barack Obama becomes the president in November, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”
    Goddammit Ted! stop giving me reasons to vote for Obama…

    • Liam_McGonagle

      Well, you have to admit that Nugent and his underage bride are the only thing between American and complete socialistic chaos.  

      Nugent’s unique brand of hard-grinding guitar licks and batsh*t self-grandiosity are exactly what Founding Fathers like Franklin and Jefferson had in mind when they expounded on the finer points of the individual’s relationship to the State and the ultimate perfectibility of Humankind in the thinking of the Enlightenment era.

      • Heath

        Indeed, A dead deer in every pot. 

        Although with recent developments and past behavior, I’m thinking “The Nuge”  is the new martyr for the Liberal ideology.

      • Stranglehold

        Q: What’s the difference between Liam McGonagle and Ted Nugent?

        A: One of them sold 30 million records and inspired the straight edge movement. 

        • StrangleHELD

           Yeah, because turning down a joint from Jimi Hendrix is the coolest thing any human being has ever done …

          • Redacted

            He turned down the chance to smoke with Hendrix?

        • zombieslapper

           Bieber sold a shitload of albums, too. And straight edge is for pussies.

      • TCPrimus

        !@#$ you, Liam. I’m writing a research paper on this right now, or should be, and you just synchronicitied the hell out of me.

      • TGBizmo

        Well said. You hooked me at the opening (“Not another . . ..”  I thought), and then it was  grins afterwards. I enjoyed the ride.

  • mole_face

    … says the guy who cheered on the Bush administration for eight years.

    “The Nuge” should stick to stuffing animal corpses and churning out cornball wankfest guitar solos.

  • Andrew

    I’d respect his opinion if he acknowledged that Obama has expanded gun rights and Romney has reduced them.

    • Joe Meyer

      … except for Obamas comments to the Brady Campaign… 

      “During the meeting, President Obama dropped in and, according to Sarah Brady, brought up the issue of gun control, “to fill us in that it was very much on his agenda,” she said.“I just want you to know that we are working on it,” Brady recalled the president telling them. “We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.”fwiw- I’m not voting for either of them… 

      • Andrew

        Yeah, let’s focus on the candidates’ jabber rather than their actions.  Tell me what I want to hear, candidate Pavlov!

        • Eric_D_Read

          That would make a great political ad.

        • Joe Meyer

          ok, let’s.

          Fast and Furious anyone? 

  • ShadowGallery1968

    F**K Off Ted

  • Liam_McGonagle

    I thought Nugent was already in the pokey for Statutory Rape.

    Make no mistake, tossin’ salads ain’t no pickinic.  They don’t call it “hard time” for nothing.  HBO’s series “Oz” should have taught us that much.

    • Matt Staggs

      Getting “pokied” for statutory rape?

  • tristan eldritch

    This is one of the very few occasions where I would actively support sending somebody to Guantanamo – and not sparing the rod.

  • DeepCough

    Do not confuse anything that Ted Nugent says as “conservative,” because this very kind of rhetoric that caused Glenn Beck to lose his show on Fox News.

  • Matt Staggs

    The guy’s a jackhole who isn’t going to do a damned thing but continue to run his mouth. Draft dodger turned hawk:

    • Hey ho

       Who cares if hes a draft doger, i would be more proud to stand up and say i refuse to kill another human being

      • Eric_D_Read

        There’s nothing wrong with being a draft dodger…unless you turn into Rambo as soon as you’re too old to actually be called to serve. 
        It’s the equivalent of the tough talking guy in a bar who turns yellow when he gets called on his talk. Then when his friends get there, it becomes, “Let me go! (not really, I just need to save face here) I’ll kill him! let me at him! (pleeeaaasee don’t let go)…
        It’s world class pathetic.

        • Matt Staggs


      • Redacted

        They’re called Chickenhawks.

        Also, I would be proud to stand up and call you a cock sucking retard who should have been aborted.

        • Jin The Ninja

          interestingly, a ‘chickenhawk’ is also a much older man who likes barely legal twinks.

          • Matt Staggs

            Have you seen “L.I.E.”? It’s a super-creepy movie about this.

          • Jin The Ninja

            i have never seen it, when i was into queer cinema, it was gregg araki, euro, or asian-american (saving face etc). but i am quite familiar with the phenomenon.

          • Matt Staggs

            It’s not exactly queer cinema, more about child molestation and the dysfunctional relationship that develops between an older man and the two teenage boys he molests. Great movie. Araki definitely had his moments, btw.

          • Jin The Ninja

            teenage apocalypse trilogy changed my life.

  • Adamsshadow

    Complete waste of time – Ted Nugent isn’t going to do shit.

  • Lookingup82

    Louis FArrakan said something almost the same…look up his comments from yesterday!

    • Redacted

      Louis Farrakhan is also known for being a fucking moron. Reasonable people dismiss him out of hand, racists use black hate to justify white hate.

      To simplify what I mean for the simple minded, racism does not justify racism. Two wrongs do not make a right.

      Well many wrongs makes up the Right, but I digress.

  • really

    Ted Nugent is a low life piece of s**t! Anyone who doesn’t agree hasn’t looked into this guy.  Google what he thinks about having sex with under-aged girls. And, his music is horrible.

  • BuzzCoastin

    this little nugget of Nugent’s will keep him in cat food for quite awhile
    Journey to the Center of the Marketplace
    his latest trip on the charts
    rock on Tedward