Telling The Story Of My Life In AdWords

Artist Erica Scourti chronicles the ad-triggering keywords embedded within her daily existence — the hidden fuel driving the “free” internet economy:

Every day, I write and email my diary to my Gmail account and copy over the list of suggested keywords linking to clusters of relevant ads, making visible the way we and our personal information are the product in the ‘free’ internet economy. The video covers March 2012.

1 Comment on "Telling The Story Of My Life In AdWords"

  1. teachpeace | Apr 25, 2012 at 3:10 pm |

     I’m creeped out by ad stockers.  Say I visit a site to look at a line of products or services.
    Then I’m followed to other sites by being shown ads for the exact same things I was interested in!!?!
    Stocking!  My response is this, I value my freedom to choose and decide… so if you stock me
    from site to site…. no business for you. I don’t need it that bad.

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