The Hunger Games In North Korea

imagesGrimly close to a real-life version of everyone’s favorite dystopian novel/movie? Guernica on author Shin Dong-hyuk, who in 2005 slipped out of North Korea through a hole in an high-voltage fence:

Born into one of North Korea’s six “complete control districts” (labor camps), which have remained virtually unnoticed by the global community despite their visibility on Google Earth, Shin was born stripped of his humanity. Classified as “irredeemable” because of an uncle’s crime against the state (fleeing the country after the Korean War), Shin was regularly overworked, abused, and starved. In Camp 14, an isolated compound about 30 miles long, Shin was taught to believe that violence was normal and snitching a duty.

When. at the age of 13, he discovered that his mother and older brother were planning an escape attempt, he promptly told a prison guard. Shin’s mother and brother were brought in front of the crowded camp and shot.

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  1.  Shin is a piece of shit who now enjoys his American in  life in LA. Where he peddled his story. Any selfv respecting Koreon would hunt him and do the Dear Leader’s retribution for escaping 14. He sullies all Koreans. 

  2. Kony 2012 version North Korea!

  3. I am not defending him, but this kind of situation is probably common over there in N. Korea. He had the smokey the bear syndrome- you know the “only you can —-blank–“. I am sure he probably got some kind of perk for doing so, like a couple extra grains of rice, or something. The sad part is he himself got outta that place, and he is popular for snitching on his momma- who was just trying to do the same thing.

  4. Not my favourite movie. The ‘Hunger Games’ was a bloody awful film.

  5. MoralDrift | Apr 9, 2012 at 10:17 pm |

    This is common ya know and North Korea is truly a hell on earth. Even for the upper echelons of society there is always an uncertainty about being sent to a labor camp or worse. When the Soviet Union chose to move away from Stalinism North Korea was pissed….they just dug a deeper hole with Juche. 

    I’m willing to see the other side on many issues, but on the issue of DPRK it is a failed state based on a deeply failed ideology and born of pure evil… the hot part of the Cold War. Considering all the eastern block states North Korea was and is the nuttiest and now it only stands because of its proximity to metropolitan Seoul and the shameful self-serving backing of China.

  6. haven’t watched the movie but people prepare for a non-administrated hunger games all the time in survivalism, ever vigilant of an apocalypse that would cut off the supply chain for fast food restaurants. though only few go so far as store up a cache full of guns and ammo

  7. Lipstick-firecracker | Apr 10, 2012 at 1:28 am |

    Live free or die and no sales tax

  8.  The Hunger Games = linguistic programming

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