The Reality That ‘KONY 2012’ Missed

Ugandan ArmyVery compelling read from Jakob Schiller on WIRED’s Raw File below. (Also, worth reading this Washington Post article if you have not come across it):

The video calling for a national campaign to raise awareness about Joseph Kony, the International Criminal Court’s #1 most-wanted warlord, has been viewed more than 100 million times since it was published on March 5. The day of action it calls for is tomorrow, April 20. While most people agree that Kony should be brought to justice for his crimes against the Ugandan people and children, the video has come under criticism for oversimplifications that could actually do harm to the people it aims to help.

For photographer Glenna Gordon, the inaccuracies were particularly shocking because she had spent two years in Uganda as a stringer for the Associated Press and knew that the facts on the ground were much different than what was portrayed. Not only is Kony no longer a threat to Northern Uganda, a fact glossed over in the video, but his army has shrunk to a few hundred.

“There was an enormous blank left in the video,” she says.

Gordon is also the photographer who took the now-famous photo of the video’s creators, Jason Russell and the founders of the charity organization Invisible Children, holding guns with the Sudan People’s Liberation Army during peace talks between Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army and the Ugandan government. In it, the founders look more like frat boys playing at war than serious humanitarian workers…

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  1. The reality of Kony 2012 is that Kony is NOT a spirit medium as he claims.

    He’s actually in psychic contact with the same aliens that JacobSloan meets in the dreamworld. 

    • Ice Burned | Apr 20, 2012 at 6:50 pm |

       Thanks again troll for adding nothing to the conversation. What’s your deal, did your mother not love you enough that you keep coming back to Disinfo for some semblance of the self esteem you clearly do not have?

  2. its bizarre to me that the creator had a mental break down in the usa and not amiss the horrors he claimed to have seen on the documentary.

  3. PhiloSlacker | Apr 20, 2012 at 9:10 pm |

    It’s a conspiracy to discredit potsmokers on their day of celebration!

    “You lazy do nothings, you should’ve participated in *this* boondoggle instead!”

  4. I love our cultural fascination with accepting emotional driven premises that veil hidden agendas. If the govt and NGOs just got up one day and said…”We need intervention here because the resources are precious and heavily sought out by competing nations and if we don’t secure them someone else will.” well…I’d probably feel pretty accepting of it no matter how coarse or crass it may seem. At least the motivations would be clear and the purpose honestly laid out for all to see.

    But no…we never do it like that in the US. Its always “this guy over here is the most monstery monster ever…he’s soooo bad…worse than Hitler, worse than Stalin, ZOMG he punches baby dolphins for fun!!! Its justice…we have to stop him!!!”…and everyone gets on the bandwagon and cries giant crocodile tears and gears up to let Halliburton have the contract for whatever happens after the military blasts the shit out of the entire region and the new government we install is obligated to offer deals exclusively to select companies.

    It’s not that different in any other walk of American political life. As long as plausible deniability is in place we accept almost anything at face value. Larry Craig or George Rekers could end up on video sucking dick like air was hidden in the back of a guys balls and they were a mile underwater….and he could announce that “It was an accident…I slipped and fell onto that penis and was struggling to free myself when the cruel sleaze who filmed me were recording that tragic moment.” and everyone except the comedians and diehard doubters would let is pass and go on to business as usual.

    Lets just face facts…we’ve become a nation of apathetic gulls who generally choose to believe what our emotions and previous loyalties dictate at a given moment. I’d hold myself aloft from it all…but I didn’t get this cynical overnight. 20 years ago I might have been on that bandwagon or bought that line hook and sinker…but after a lot of betrayals and disillusionment I’ve grown past the point of being anything but suspicious when my emotions are appealed to for any reason. If we could do one favor for the whole world…it would be to lend that healthy cynicism to every last person on Earth.

    To keep it simple, I’d paraphrase an adage from an old newspaperman long ago whose name I cannot recall. “What someone doesn’t want you to know…that’s news…everything else is just advertising.”

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