The Rising Cost of Going (and Not Going!) to College

GraduationDerek Thompson writes in the Atlantic:

Have you heard about the dangerous, rising cost of not going to college? In the last 30 years, the typical college tuition has tripled. But over the exact same period, the earnings gap between college-educated adults and high school graduates has also tripled. In 1979, the wage difference was 75%. In 2003, it was 230%.

Over the last three decades, the cost of going to college has increased at nearly the exact same rate as the cost not going to college. How can the price of getting something and not getting something both rise at the same time?

That is the paradox of college costs…

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  1. And they all own the same shit and do exactly the same things  with their lives while an illusionary number sits on their computer screen, when they go decide to buy their iphone. The real rich ones can get the 32gb in which they pay hundreds of dollar just for flash memory. A fool and their money gets parted quickly and a life of sedation and conformity  is not a life of a truly richer person, its not a life of the boss, they lack any real power creativity most of the time and just like Paplov’s dogs made to salivate at the mere thought of a quick buck. Go to college to learn something you are passionate about, if you go to school just to earn more paper you are no better than a petty thief bending the system just to feed your acquired consumerism, just a drone of the tree cutting machine with a noose around your neck that gets automatically tightened  by any economic decline.  Heck I didn’t even graduate middle school, they gave me a blank diploma at the ceremony, they just wanted to get me out of there, I had too many absences. Right then and there I knew it was bullshit and I dropped out beginning of my sophomore year of high school,  because I knew what I wanted to do with my life at the age of 14 and had only a single mother who could not control me but at the same time even if she wont admit it was impressed with the confidence in have myself.  I am dept free, have my own small business, didn’t have to burden my mom and myself with college tuition and remained humble  and open minded because school didn’t condition my mind to be a pretentious douche bag, that allowed to gain access to information that I would otherwise not  have even been able to believe in, which has allowed me to make all my dreams come true. I didn’t want to attend school because I realized in my teens that they cant teach art in school, not the kind of art I wanted to master, it required a lot of alone time and a lot of practice and conventional education would have severely interfered with. And I also realized that if I failed in my quest for artistic greatness, that I could get my GED and attend a nice community college and become a tax consultant real quick, to make some medium money, which would allow me to continue to finance my art until I made it or died. Helping people with their taxes in my opinion, is a useful service. Being the middle man between the layman and the evil IRS who hides all the tricks of the trade behind an iron curtain. I have not had to do that yet, due to luck and the help of my family and some concerned friends who also get my assistance when I can be of help, usually with practical things or advice in case of emotional situations where they are not thinking clearly and need a bias opinion. To be fair, I would call myself home schooled, because besides not having finished grade school, I didn’t have to work full time because my family took care of me, giving me day  upon day in front of the computer to research anything I wanted, I have thirst for information. I earn enough, and money seems to come along when ever I want something badly enough and when I don’t want anything I feel satisfied with my regular income, I like that I don’t attract gold diggers, nor thieves, or lawyers asset diving. I like attracting people that like talking to me about anything or like to play team sports or music along side me.  But the point is (besides my unusual existence) is to take a risk, do what you love, (obviously if it does not hurt anyone else) and the money will come. The universe is a magikal place and as much as we think we understand how things work, we do not remotely understand anything. If fact by acting like we know how things work we make things work that way, the observer creates the reality. There are level of awareness and some people seems to run their lives like a Rube Goldberg device, making a complicated process to accomplish a simple thing, and hey that’s a way to live, but it seems to be the cause of most complaints from unfulfilled people trapped in a device of their own making, and who also keep others down with their envy of success as friends don’t let friends win.  I admire experts and the ones that went to school out of passion not out of money, those people “the uber geeks” usually do not make a fortune in today’s sense usually open their own small business most of the time at a loss  or work under greedy power hungry executives who leech off their work, because they are too preoccupied with their field of study to care about what goes into some other persons pocket. Those are people I learned from and those are the people who truly went to college and are the backbone of the economy and are Americans national treasure, but are usually disrespected and made fun of by the main stream that uses their devices and services (go figure). But I digress. Life is short and too precious to waste not taking a chance on being the best you can be. If you have a passion and can’t think of anything else, GO FOR IT and imagine yourself already there doing what you want to do, fake it till you make it. And if you don’t go to a nice affordable community college and learn something practical that has immediate value to humanity, you will be respect just as much and will see returns right away. But if you spend all of your initial capital in some pretentious school just to earn more than the next guy, you might live a life that seems wealthy in the surface, but you will lead an existence that leeches from the environment around you destroying beautiful things, and people that you don’t even know exist. A truly blessed person is like fertilizer to the people around, creating opulence where ever they happen to be.  

    One thing I am guilty of admiring of conventional college grads is how adept they are at being grammar Nazis. Maybe because their robotic teacher pestered them to the point of obsession when enrolled in college. But OMG those fools find grammatical errors in stuff I have not even thought about writing yet. So if you are one of the grammar minions feel free to salt and pepper these ,.;:'”()?! where you see fit. 

    That’s my rant.
     I’ll be back to troll on articles. 

    Life is the University and class is never over till it’s over.  

  2. cause ya either get the student loans or end up paying for it through inflation when there’s another bailout

  3. Reptile Overlord | Apr 23, 2012 at 4:36 pm |

    clearly, the only solution is government intervention to fix this problem.

    of course, this problem was *caused* by government intervention, but nevermind that fact. I’m quite certain that THIS TIME, government intervention will fix the problem rather than making the problem worse and then saddling taxpayers with the bill. 

  4. Unsympathetic Reality | Apr 23, 2012 at 7:09 pm |

    Fucked one way, fucked the other.

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