The White House Offers Rare Defense of Drone Attacks

John BrennanJosn Gerstein writes on the Politico:

President Barack Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser offered a rare public defense Sunday of the use of armed drones to target terrorism suspects – a technique widely discussed by national security experts outside government and by human rights activists, but almost always treated as secret by U.S. officials.

“Drones, the remotely piloted vehicles, [are] a tremendously capable tool to use against the terrorist abroad. It has capability to monitor their activities. It provides a good insight to our intelligence analysts and operators in terms of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. It has the capability of carrying out strikes as well,” Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan said on “Fox News Sunday.”

In response to a question about a recent decision by Obama to give the Central Intelligence Agency and the military broader authority to carry out drone strikes in Yemen, Brennan emphasized that such strikes are always done with approval of the countries where they take place, though he stopped short of saying that local authorities had advance notice of each specific strike.

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  1. Where’s the trial, where’s the proof, where’s the evidence. Trials  are there because carte blanche judge, jury, executioner was a power never to be trusted to government, they had to prove their accusation.
    A foreigner less than animals to be violently attacked, left to die painfully and slowly from horrendous wounds. Passerbys, that get grievously wounded is just tough luck, no chance of justice for them.Is it all slimy politics, Obama’s ratings are dropping, the Fox not-News counter propaganda scheme is failing and the blue dog is showing, let’s prove how unbiased he is blowing up some brown people.It is pretty obvious the only thing that is a matter of national security for this administration are the lies they are protecing

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