The Women Who Named The ‘Big Mac’ Received A Plaque

Big MacHere’s the inside story behind the woman who came up with the name “Big Mac” for McDonald’s. Despite coining what could be the greatest marketing name in history, she never received any money for it. As Alan P. Henry wrote in the Glenview Lantern:

The next time you prepare to chomp into a Big Mac, take a moment first to thank Esther Glickstein Rose of Glenview. She’s the one who named it, and without her dogged persistence, the iconic sandwich may never have become a McDonald’s product.

The story begins 45 years ago on a snowy winter day in downtown Chicago in 1967. With ten dollars to her name, the 17-year-old Von Steuben High School graduate saw an ad for a secretary at McDonald’s corporate headquarters. Poorly dressed and soaking wet from the commute into the LaSalle Street office, she was spotted in a hallway by a company official, who promptly hired her. “I guess she felt sorry for me, the way I looked,” said Esther, 65, who has lived in Glenview since 1978.

One day soon thereafter, the head of product development stopped by her desk, told her he was headed to a board meeting where they were going to name a new double burger product and asked for her suggestions. “I just said off the top of my head, ‘Big Mac, that’s it!'”

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10 Comments on "The Women Who Named The ‘Big Mac’ Received A Plaque"

  1. Bass Clarinet | Apr 13, 2012 at 10:45 am |

    she didn’t deserve any more than a plaque. she was presumably paid by the hour. her contract  presumably stipulated no commission or other compensation. it’s like when a research chemist gets a flat salary and the company owns everything they create on the job.

    • Eric_D_Read | Apr 13, 2012 at 11:24 am |

      Good point. She never should have suggested the name.
      An employee, either paid per hour or salaried, should never contribute anything more to their employer than the absolute bare minimum demanded by their job description.

    •  Bass,

      Although you’re quite correct in your assertion, some companies DO reward their employees with some kind of recognition (monetary and/or otherwise) for thinking outside the box.

      Think “Employee Suggestion Boxes.”

      But, not all companies take this progressive approach. 🙂

  2. Plaque? Where on her arterial walls?

  3. im disappointed this doesnt mention craig mac or biggie smalls

  4. That awkward moment when you expect one million dollars and instead all you get is one lousy plaque. 

  5. That awkward moment when you expect one million dollars and instead all you get is one lousy plaque.

  6. Chrislee 2006 | Apr 13, 2012 at 8:49 pm |

    45 years ago she was 17 years old and now she’s 65?  Something doesn’t add up with the facts

  7. Coconut_boyee | Apr 13, 2012 at 9:11 pm |

    if she lives in Glenview then she didn’t do so bad herself after all

  8. I bet Ann Frank told her the name too. Strange how the holocaust always comes up in conversations.

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