Thirty-Five-Hour Work-Week Recommended for Parents

ParentingRaising children isn’t considered work, of course. Via ScienceDaily:

Swedish mothers of small children work a lot more now than in the 1970s. This is an important reason why so many parents feel extremely pressured for time. One way to handle the stress is to take advantage of the right for Swedish parents to work half time, according to a new doctoral thesis from the University of Gothenburg. The author of the thesis Jörgen Larsson suggests shorter workweeks for parents.

Jörgen Larsson’s doctoral thesis is based on the observation that parents of small children are in the middle of the most hectic part of their lives. One major reason behind the time pressure is that parents work more hours than in the past. The total paid work time for mothers and fathers of small children has increased by an average of 10 hours per week since the 1970s.

The study, which is based on statistical analysis of 20,000 parents and interviews with 19 fathers, explores parents’ temporal welfare. Temporal welfare is not only a matter of how pressed for time a person is; it also has to do with how satisfied you are with your allocation of time between for example paid work, children, partner, work at home and time to yourself. The temporal welfare is significantly lower among parents than among people without children at home.

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5 Comments on "Thirty-Five-Hour Work-Week Recommended for Parents"

  1. I’d sign-on to this if there was a shortage of humans. 

    The last I checked we have plenty of people. Parenting should be made harder to discourage people from wanting to engage in unprotected sex for the chance to win a human pet. Not easier. 

    End the child tax credit while we’re at it. 

    • Tempo House | Apr 27, 2012 at 11:21 pm |

      thank god (or whoever’s in charge) that you know how everyone else should live their lives. 

    • Actually humans are expected to produce less than 2 children per couple into the future, and population is expected to decline. It’s consumption that’s out of control. 

      In any event, I’m for properly raising whatever children we do have. 

  2. parenting is only for the photoshoot at ‘life’s moments(tm)’ for all the rest the schooling system will raise your kids for you

  3. I would LOVE to have a 35 hour work week! If only it weren’t for those pesky student loan bills that cost me 2G a month. And oh those pesky health insurance bills that cost me 500$ a month. And that pesky rent and those pesky utilities and those pesky maintenance fees and on and fucking on. 

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