Thomas Sowell: America Is on the Path to Fascism, Not Socialism

Also: empathy can be a terrible, terrible thing.  From Glenn Beck’s program back in 2009, via Crooks and Liars:

  • NoahWay

    Beck has been totally irrelevant for years. Why waste the bandwidth on turds?

  • Redacted

    We’re talking about people who want to shoot newborns because they haven’t heard of Jesus yet. Fascism is too touchy feely for today’s Evangelical on the go.

  • Hadrian999

    classical capitalism is a temporary state, capitalism leads to concentration of wealth that accelerates eventually a few capitalists will reach a critical mass of wealth that leads them to dominate the system and it is no longer really capitalism anymore because there is really no more competition, you arrive at a new wealth based feudalism. 

    • Yeahhhhh

      “wealth based feudalism” when being under control of corporations and banks would be by definition fascism though right? close enough for me. closer to fascism by definition then nazi germany.

      • Yeahhhhh

        sorry just thinking, nazi germany was called fascist by many, but wouldnt that have been considered more of a democidal military dictatorship? i dunno, what do you think? i just think a lot of labels that are used to describe governments are iffy.

        • Eric_D_Read

          Part of the confusion lies in all the different movements that people label “fascist” these days.

          The best way I’ve ever heard it explained to me is that fascism is essentially primal tribalism transposed into the modern world and write large. 
          It is a system  based on blood kinship (racism).
          All dealings with other ‘tribes’ range from tenuous alliance to open hostility.
          The desires of the individual defer to the needs of the group. 
          There is a clear line between masculine and feminine virtues.
          There is a strict hierarchy in the social structure.

          In that sense, Nazi Germany was the perfect distillation of fascist virtues.
          They viewed all “Aryans” as members of the tribe.
          Hitler: tribal chief.
          Goebbels: shaman.
          They worshiped martial virtues (strength, honor, loyalty).
          it also makes sense why they maintained an alliance with Imperial Japan, who were also a society based on fascist virtues even if they didn’t use the term, while attacking Russia even though the Russians were far closer to the Nazi racial ideal.
          See also: Ancient Sparta. 

          • Hadrian999

             not all fascism is based on race, Peronism was considered fascist  but didn’t have a racial aspect, it considered anyone working hard for Argentina to be a good Argentinian.

      • Hadrian999

        well in fascism the state is all important and all things serve the state, I see a future order more similar to medieval Europe in which the new elite exist above the ideas of nations.

    • New_or_lean


      You have just repeated one of the core predictions of Karl Marx.

      That prediction has been falsified, as have all of Marx’s key predictions.

      Because I’ve read Sowell, who was a serious student of Marx in his
      younger years, I know that Marx withheld data about rising wages from
      the second version of Kapital because that data falsified his

      • Hadrian999

         we will see, today we see accelerating gaps between the top and the bottom, it isn’t theory it is fact, how it will work out in the long term is up in the air. don’t be confused, I am no Marxist.

  • Yeahhhhh

    fuck glen beck but it would be considered fascism.