THRIVE On The Global Domination Agenda

THRIVE, my new movie, identifies the global consolidation of power that affects nearly every aspect of our lives and offers in-depth explorations of what we can do about it. To continue the conversation that THRIVE inspires, join Kimberly and me for a free live interactive interview TODAY, Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 7 pm EDT on, where you can ask questions about THRIVE, the movie and the movement.

At the THRIVE site there are many resources for you to learn more about the issues in the film. Here’s an excerpt from our article about the problem of the Global Domination Agenda:

What is keeping us from thriving? After a lifetime journey of pursuing that question, my research revealed that a small group of financial elite have gained control over key areas of our lives – energy, food, health care, education and more – and are the single greatest threat to humanity’s ability to thrive.

As I researched the problems in each Sector of human activity, I came to the shocking realization that virtually every problem we face is human-caused. But then I realized what good news this actually is. If there were a comet plummeting toward Earth or the planet was careening out of orbit we would be at a loss as to what to do. If, on the other hand, people caused it, we have a better chance of being able to fix it as we wake up, expose corruption and align with natural principles.

It is not that humans are incapable of thriving. It’s that we’ve been duped into a system that is designed to consolidate wealth and power, rather than provide a real opportunity for people to thrive. By exposing this agenda, strategically challenging deceptive systems such as central banks and fiat money, and coming up with new ways to organize and cooperate, we can obsolete this destructive agenda and liberate our planet and our true human potential.

At first, an agenda to control others was hard for me to consider. But as I spent many years getting myself educated about it, many things that hadn’t made sense began to fall into place. A different story began to emerge which, horrible as it was to consider, actually explained more than ever before and provided a feeling achieving some traction in what I could do about our predicament. I came to realize the desperate drive to dominate others is based in a worldview of scarcity and fear. The controlling elite seem to believe the only options are to control, or be controlled, and realizing that gave me a better understanding of why they have chosen their current route. Now it is up to the rest of us to transcend this destructive belief system and show that we are capable of governing ourselves… that we actually can thrive.

WHAT is the Global Domination Agenda?

The global domination agenda is a plan by powerful private bankers to take over all our primary systems (money, energy, food, media, etc.) and to establish a sole global authority – with themselves in charge. They use the media, central banks, multinational corporations, governments, major foundations, and international agencies such as the IMF and World Bank to implement their strategies. So far they have successfully brought down countries across the globe, including Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Tanzania, Indonesia, Brazil, Poland, Mexico, Bolivia, Thailand, Iceland, the Soviet Union, Japan, Greece and scores of others. They are now attempting to dismantle the U.S. by collapsing the dollar and making sure Americans are in debt they can’t repay.


The pyramid above shows the basic structure of control. The financial elite are at the top. They use international and national central banks to control corporations (which they loan to at special rates), manipulate national economies and hence their governments, and get everyone in debt to the bankers.

Regular working people, who produce most of the real wealth on this planet, are at the bottom of the pyramid. As of 2007, the richest 2% of adults owned more than 50% of the global assets[1] and as of 2010, one out of every seven people didn’t have enough to eat.[2]

Material wealth and resources continue to funnel up to the financial elite, while domination and control come down through the international banking structure and the corporations and governments below them. It’s important to note that the strength of the pyramid is in its base. As people wake up and withdraw their support, the corrupt money structure will lose its control…

To continue reading this article go to the THRIVE site.

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  1. in b4 procter and gamble conspiracy 

  2. Diamond_eye | Apr 11, 2012 at 6:18 pm |

    Mr. Gamble, the trouble with your thesis is that about 80% of Americans don’t balance their checkbooks (see the recent issue of Consumer Reports, with the cover story about bank fees). And a simple search on Google Scholar will locate studies and surveys establishing that anywhere between 50-90% of Americans don’t use budgets, don’t save money for emergencies, don’t read books or magazines on investment, etc.

    How then, are the Global Elite® to blame for the irresponsibility and stupidity of most Americans with regards to their own finances?

    I’m reminded of Nietzsche’s comment’s about how most people’s lives are ruled by envy and resentment of the successful.

    • InfiltratedSlacker | Apr 11, 2012 at 7:48 pm |

      Imagine that you created a currency, and had the power to give yourself and whoever unlimited amounts of it.  Now imagine America used your currency.  This is the simple condensed version of what is going on.  Federal Reserve owners commit usury, lending America money while not creating the interest, making it impossible for the debt to be repaid.  Watch Money Masters, Slavery by Consent, or many of the other documentaries on this subject to educate yourself.  All available on youtube.

    • MoralDrift | Apr 12, 2012 at 11:54 pm |

      The balancing checkbook point is valid, so is the budgeting and saving. The investment part is what I take issue with as the average person does not have the time or knowledge to make proper investments. The availability of affordable and understandable investments has dwindled due to low interests rates. 

      Full disclosure; I personally believe that the stock market as it stands should be dismantled. A way to solicit loans that bear no responsibility for failure not to mention it twists the logic of business to constant growth.

  3. Don’t give time to this shit go to

  4. That_is_what_she_said | Apr 11, 2012 at 6:28 pm |

    THRIVE is bullshit.

    The premise is that free energy from extraterrestrials will somehow solve everyone’s problems.

    Google “Thrive debunked” for a website with point-by-point explanation of the numerous errors and unverified conspiracy claims in the so-called documentary. 

    • Bravo!

    • InfiltratedSlacker | Apr 11, 2012 at 7:44 pm |

      The UFO/energy stuff is bull, but this part of it is not so much, and the debunking of this section fails hard as well.

    •  I recall no mention of the alien’s giving it to us, but rather going ‘yeah, look at this’. Kind of like human kind sharing their ideas and successes for everybody’s sake. Kind of like ‘Thrive debunked ‘ suggests is the best idea.
      You seem to be generalizing, which is unfair, on something which isn’t delivered as fact. It’s opinions and evidence, the conclusion is your own.

  5. Ajsilver42 | Apr 11, 2012 at 8:48 pm |


  6. Infinite and Eternal Blessings!
    For anyone who is trying to discredit the info being offered, forgiveness to you and hearts goes out to you.
    For people who are aware/conscious, please continue to learn truth and evolve.
    Thank you, THRIVE and all involved!

    • WeAreChangeAtlanta | Apr 12, 2012 at 6:05 am |

      Just remember Greer and Nassim are Bullshitting you.  The rest of the movie is pretty good actually.  Curious to see Foster rocking the same shirt as Nassim and using his story as his own.  Not fishy at all Mr. Gamble, not fishy at all….PS> Read this (  and rethink your wardrobe and strange coincidental Saul of Damascus visions of the holy toroidal.  It’s amazing to think you just had the EXACT same vision as Nassim while riding a bus, boy what are the odds of such a thing Mr. Gamble?
      I appreciate waking up new agers and everything but why bring in the E.T, free energy aspect?  Seems like a giant red herring to me.  We shall see.

  7. Sterling Conway-Jones | Apr 12, 2012 at 1:56 am |

    Way to self sabotage at the outset with the alien hoopla.  Gimme a break, is this for real?

    • Do you still have the ‘Renaissance Era’ mentality where Earth is the center of the universe? Of course there are ‘aliens’ (another word for life that is not from Earth) out there. Life has proven to be,over and over again, a naturally occurring and sturdy force. You think that the process of life happens only here? Expand your horizons, would be my suggestion. Suggesting that other life has had their hands involved here is not as crazy as it sounds. Check out the temple of Baalbek and see if ‘primitive’ humans had any hope of creating this alone.

      • Barbelith | Apr 12, 2012 at 1:52 pm |

        There’s probably life OUT THERE, But there is no evidence that we are being visited by extra-terrestrials, or that we needed any help constructing physical structures like temples w/o human labor. There is evidence that there is SOMETHING intelligent and nonhuman interacting with human consciousness and perhaps co-piloting our development…but all the evidence points to this intelligence being present here on earth as a natural condition of the planetary environment, overseeing its evolving ecosystems and branches of consciousness.

      • Yes, but you also have to be politically aware enough to know that this is the very thing that your enemies will use to gut the entire rest of your argument, which is much more mundane by comparison. First Sun Tzu-ish rule: know where/how to pick your battles. 

  8. The analysis is unremarkable. Massive upward transfer of wealth doesn’t “just happen” and all informed people know this. However, if their cure is as described, the burden of proof that they can build “free energy harvesting” technology is very decidedly on them, “free energy” in any form that can be usably accessed is an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary proof. 

  9. InfiltratedSlacker | Apr 12, 2012 at 8:23 am |

    > They are now attempting to dismantle the U.S. by collapsing the dollar and making sure Americans are in debt they can’t repay.

    How sure are you about this?  America is already in debt it can’t repay.  Collapsing the dollar isn’t “their” goal, they own the dollar, why would they want it to collapse?  A strong dollar is not only their accomplished goal but their power.  As long as the world craves their valuable symbols, they stay on top.

    •  Actually the movie doesn’t say anything special about the dollar, it’s just an easily observable currency to help you understand the situation. The movie actually suggests the resource of money is worthless as they control how much exists and can use it to purchase what they want before making it useless. An example of this is using money to buy silver mines, which is a useful resource that actually does something unlike money (a barter system token). Later on by devaluing the currency they make it more difficult for people to buy their own silver.
      That’s the idea behind it, whether or not anybody is implementing such an idea is a different matter.

    •  Actually the movie doesn’t say anything special about the dollar, it’s just an easily observable currency to help you understand the situation. The movie actually suggests the resource of money is worthless as they control how much exists and can use it to purchase what they want before making it useless. An example of this is using money to buy silver mines, which is a useful resource that actually does something unlike money (a barter system token). Later on by devaluing the currency they make it more difficult for people to buy their own silver.
      That’s the idea behind it, whether or not anybody is implementing such an idea is a different matter.

  10. oh geez David Icke? No thank you.

  11. The film was interesting, but full of “well poison,” bits of BS and persons of questionable background, which discredit what few grains of truth are contained within it. For example, one expert who argues against the Federal Reserve may be an anti-semite, so anybody who argues against the existence of the central bank concept must be anti-semitic.

    There is no big “conspiracy,” rather it is that greed and psychopathy are surviving evolutionary traits. The rest of the sheeple believe the psychopaths (the real one percent), who organize one group against another, and history is repeated over and over again.

  12. One could quite successfully argue that the real purpose of this film was to interview credible witnesses like Amy Goodman, Catherine Austin Fitts, Bill Still, Paul Hawken, and Vandana Shiva (who’s arguments really DO challenge the Powers That Be in realistic, and effective ways) solely for the purpose of DIScrediting them through their association with a film that clearly they were not given the full context of. 

    Those five people in particular point out that: people’s movements can actually change the world for real & don’t require a figurehead to follow to do so, how/why the banking system is inherently flawed and how to fix it, what sustainable responsible business actually looks like, and that our assault on the natural world through chemicals, pollution, and fossil fuel burning which is decimating the planet and ultimately the people on it, and causing tremendous suffering, and all of them point out the role of corporate oligarchs in this.

    But by pairing them with David Icke (admittedly, my favorite crazy person in the world, because if nothing else, he does want the best for people), John Birch Society aficionado Edward Griffin, or Steven Grier, or to toss in dozens of images of frickin’ crop circles, completely obliterates the truths they are speaking.

    Talk about disinformation….

    • Amy Goodman is another GateKeeper.  Just like Chomsky.  Never discusses the FED, swallows the climate change lie whole heartedly (never debates or questions on DN) and won’t talk about Building 7 or Nanothermite and has been confronted about this dozens of times by real activists.  She is another ideologue playing her position.

    • Also you say John Birch as thought were some unassailable smear?  It seems the government has done well to attempt to paint them as racists, just like Ron Paul because they dare educate American’s as to their inalienable rights as penned in the Constitution.   G. Edward has done much to expose the FED, which of course Amy G will never attempt to broach on her show.  Just being fair.

  13. Hollywood Tomfortas | Apr 16, 2012 at 9:11 am |

    Author John Robbins, Other Progressives Denounce ‘Thrive’
    The Santa Cruz–based author is joined by Deepak Chopra and others in a statement distancing themselves from the film. John Robbins:“We are a group of people who were interviewed for and appear in the movie Thrive, and who hereby publicly disassociate ourselves from the film.Thrive is a very different film from what we were led to expect when we agreed to be interviewed. We are dismayed that we were not given a chance to know its content until the time of its public release. We are equally dismayed that our participation is being used to give credibility to ideas and agendas that we see as dangerously misguided.We stand by what each of us said when we were interviewed. But we have grave disagreements with some of the film’s content and feel the need to make this public statement to avoid the appearance that our presence in the film constitutes any kind of endorsement.Signatories (in alphabetical order)Deepak ChopraDuane ElginAmy GoodmanPaul HawkenEdgar MitchellJohn PerkinsJohn RobbinsElisabet SahtourisVandana Shiva

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