Tupac Hologram Headlines Coachella Festival

One of the performance highlights at Coachella this past weekend was 41-year-old rapper Tupac, who walked around the stage, bantered with Snoop Dogg, sung some oldies, and terrified many. Is this soon to become a creepy new standard, with death no longer a barrier to entertainers’ personal appearances and touring careers? What will be your hologram’s greatest accomplishments?

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  • JohnFrancisBittrich

    This is great! As this technology improves, we’re all gonna be able to go see any musician (at any stage in their career) whenever we want! Hendrix! The Beatles! Joy Division! The Sex Pistols! Holographic young Stones tickets will start outselling actual Stones tickets! This is probably the closest I could ever conceivably come to living my years-running daydream of getting a time machine just so I could go to post-punk shows in the early 80s and psych shows in the 60s.

    • gil

       Aliens invading earth during the Olympics opening cerimony! Just sayin’. =D

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jai-Ankers/100000395755973 Jai Ankers

    HolyFuck! Tupac was a Jedi!

  • Calypso_1

    Oh the fun you could have with this at a rapture ready church….

  • Bungle

    we need more of those as cashiers. i am sick of moody cashiers, having to 2pac there will make my shopping experience a lot better 

  • tooCents

    Some hackers should create a virtual 2pac assassin to suddenly bust onto the performance and blow 2pac away. 

  • saint_al

    “Thug afterlife”. 

  • Mason Free

    >Is this soon to become a creepy new standard, with death no longer a
    barrier to entertainers’ personal appearances and touring careers?

    This is nothing new.

    Over a decade ago, the wonders of technology allowed Natalie Cole to sing a duet with her dead dad

  • CHuck

    Pac turning in his grave

  • coachella_underwhelming

    that just looked cheesy and shitty. I’m sure we will see more of it.

    • Hey ho

       shitty and cheesy?  glad im not looking thru your eyes, some people are just miserable fucks

      • jack

        hologram was 3/10. would not fuck

  • Bungle

    i much rather be a hologram, i have going to the bathroom.  wtf god!

    • Bungle


  • InfiltratedSlacker

    So, who owns the rights to Tupac’s hologram?  In the future, who owns all the likenesses to the dead stars?  Are we going to see 100years+ rights to hologram use after a musician’s death?  And what technological liberties will we have to give up to make sure only the approved corporations get to press play on the projectors?

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