U.S. National Reconnaissance Office Launches New Spy Satellite

National Reconnaissance Office“NROL” is the designation for a series of classified satellites operated by the United States National Reconnaissance Office. As Ryan Gallagher reports on Slate:

Last week, a new U.S. spy satellite was launched into orbit as part of a secretive military program enabling the surveillance of Earth from space.

A live webcast showing the Delta IV rocket blast into the sky from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on Tuesday was blacked out just three minutes after liftoff due to the sensitive nature of the mission, dubbed “NROL-25.”

An official at the Vandenberg base told the Los Angeles Times that the NROL-25 was part of a “national security payload,” which could mean it is to be used for any number of purposes, possibly including domestic surveillance. The Wall Street Journal reported in 2007 that U.S. intelligence agencies, in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, had approved the use of spy satellites for domestic purposes, such as for monitoring border security.

Behind the operation was the shadowy National Reconnaissance Office, which operates under the Department of Defense and is tasked with developing and operating U.S. spy satellites for intelligence-gathering purposes.

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4 Comments on "U.S. National Reconnaissance Office Launches New Spy Satellite"

  1. “approved the use of spy satellites for domestic purposes, such as for monitoring border security.”

    Mmmhmmm… DHS/Immigration checkpoints already have creeped up to 100 miles inland from the borders and I’m supposed to believe that they won’t be tempted to turn the cameras just a “little bit” further inland when it suits them?

    Maybe the government needs this spy satellite to find its long lost legitimacy.

  2. What is it that fuels modern-day America, the stuff that gives the USA its “reason to wake up” every morning?

    FEAR. Fear of foreigners, fear of its own citizens, fear of not being “Number One” (as if it ever was in the first place), fear of things that go bump in the night.

    In “The Graduate” the word of the (then) future was “plastics.” These days? “Fear.”

  3. Sigh, the middle east is starting to look like the good guys. They attack you to make you realize you’re interfering with their countrys lives, your country completely ignores why and loses 1000s more with no reason, but revenge. Now you spy on the entire world, not that you weren’t before, but you really need to realize NONE of your recent wars have been on your soil for a reason and that’s, they’re the victims. You can tell me all you want that  if you didn’t attack, they would. By that logic, the Nazis were just protecting themselves.

  4. being an ‘enemy of the state’ without celebrity status isn’t as adventurous as in movies

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