Why The Rest of the World Should Tell the U.S. to F*cK Off

UnicornHere are some uncomfortable historical facts that are largely ignored, glossed over, or blatantly suppressed in most American school curricula:

1) The United States government (largely through the CIA and its predecessors) is directly responsible for the overthrow of at least half a dozen democratically elected governments around the world over the past hundred plus years.  Among these are many of our neighbors in Latin America such as Guatemala in 1954, Brazil in 1964, and Chile in 1973.  Further afield we have Iran in 1953, which is particularly ironic considering the dire straits of our present day relationship.  This list doesn’t include the toppling of non-elected governments (almost all of them replaced by brutal dictators) such as Syria in 1949 and Ghana in 1966.  It also doesn’t include direct invasion by U.S. troops such as the Philippines in 1898, Panama (first in 1895 and again at least eight more times since), Grenada in 1983, and most recently, Iraq in 2003.  Although many Americans cannot even point these countries out on a world map and remain blissfully ignorant of American interference with their internal affairs, the residents of these countries have certainly not forgotten and in many cases haven’t completely forgiven us either.  Can anyone blame them?

This long history of meddling with sovereign nations severely complicates geopolitical affairs in the present day in both practical terms as well in relation to our stated values and governing principles.  For instance, in 2006, just months after George W. Bush gave a major speech on the imperative of spreading democracy throughout the world, democratic elections in Palestine resulted in a designated terrorist group, Hamas, coming to power – a result which led to an almost total boycott of the Gaza strip by most Western nations.  The Arab Spring has further complicated matters as many dictators who had long been propped up by the U.S. have now been overthrown by populaces largely hostile to U.S. interests.  Many of these countries seem likely to elect Islamist governments in coming elections, potentially creating a bunch of theocratic mini-Irans throughout the Middle East and North Africa.  Such is democracy in action (but we can rest easy knowing any lingering resentment is due solely to them “hating our freedom.”)

2) The U.S. military is currently deployed in over 150 countries around the world.  That’s over three quarters of all the supposedly independent countries on the planet.  If neocon hawks have their way, Iran (see above) will soon be joining this list.  Of those places where troops are already present, at least two of them are active war zones (Iraq and Afghanistan), and another is seldom considered one simply because most of us happen to live there.  Thanks to passage of the NDAA, the U.S. military can now arrest and indefinitely detain American citizens within our own borders – a disturbing development vehemently opposed by the ACLU and one of the central grievances the American colonists had against the British king before declaring independence.

The purpose of stationing all these troops everywhere is presumably to act as a sort of unrequested and often unwelcome global police force, paid for by the generosity of the U.S. taxpayers.  After all, the U.S. – accounting for just five percent of the world’s population – is responsible for over forty percent of global military expenditures.  Curiously, despite the smug moral high ground we like to believe we inhabit (preferring the term “liberator” to “invader/occupier”), these Team America superheroes generally seem to step in only when there are high-dollar corporate interests at stake such as in Iraq or Libya, preferring to sit idly by as slaughter proceeds unchecked in economic backwaters such as Rwanda or Darfur.  And if anyone dares to oppose U.S. global hegemony by so much as speaking out – even if it’s a close and historical ally like France – we respond with protests and product boycotts, or if all else fails there’s always the trump card of renaming foods in the Capitol cafeteria.  Anyone care for some “victory cabbage” to go with their “freedom fries”?

3) The U.S. is single-handedly responsible for the total global prohibition of recreational drugs and the police state that goes hand in hand with efforts to curtail their production, distribution, and use.  More specifically, blame for the “War on Drugs” and its many excesses can be squarely assigned to one unhappy individual with a messianic complex and a deep hatred for all things pleasurable – America’s first “drug czar,” Harry J. Anslinger.  If you’ve ever stopped to wonder why, say, the leader of Nepal would care in the slightest if some hippy wants to smoke a chillum with a sadhu on the steps of a temple in Kathmandu, Anslinger’s the answer, for it was he that pushed his agenda to be adopted by the newly formed United Nations.

There is so much money involved in this failed enterprise – on the order of hundreds of billions of dollars a year in direct foreign aid for crop eradication and drugs interdiction, domestic policing, building and operating of prisons, propaganda efforts, plus the loss of taxes on some of the biggest cash crops across the globe – it continues to exist largely out of mindless inertia and economic habit.  Despite the fact that recent polls show a majority of Americans now support outright legalization of marijuana, and despite pleas from the leaders of several of the Latin American nations most negatively affected by America’s insatiable appetite for mind-altering substances, even President Obama feels compelled to continue to oppose any change to the status quo.  This stance was clearly on display at the recent Summit of the Americas meeting in Cartagena (for all those who read beyond the distraction of the auspiciously timed Secret Service prostitution scandal.)

4) While no longer the largest contributor of greenhouse gases thanks to China’s rapid industrialization in recent years, the U.S. continues to be the greatest impediment to concerted global action on addressing anthropogenic climate change.  Back in 1997, following a meeting in Kyoto of delegates from nearly every country on Earth, a deal was reached agreeing upon a framework for reigning in worldwide CO2 emissions.  Of the 192 countries who signed the protocol, only one has subsequently failed to ratify it.  That’s right, one – the good old U.S. of A.  Although the American delegation of scientists was fully in agreement with the overwhelming consensus on display there, after languishing in Congress for years awaiting approval, it was finally killed after being summarily dismissed by George W. Bush who claimed it would be too expensive to implement.

This line of unreasoning is beyond absurd.  If facing a sentence of life in prison but offered the chance of near-certain acquittal simply by hiring the right high-profile attorney, most people wouldn’t hesitate to pay whatever it might cost to avoid incarceration.  Likewise with disease.  If faced with a life-threating illness, having a world-class surgeon available to perform life-saving surgery would be priceless, and most people would willingly give away everything they have if it meant they could go on living.  We as a nation obviously don’t seem to care much about the plight of the polar bears or the fate of places like the Maldives, who, through no fault of their own, are on track to sink beneath the waves within the next century, but just looking at the freakish weather and severe storms of the past few years, it’s clearer than ever that global warming has arrived on our doorstep.  To paraphrase the founder of the modern sustainability movement, “The real question we should be asking when discussing the economic impact of environmental measures is, ‘Can we afford to exist?’”  Are we really prepared to answer that question, “no”?

Pundits and hyper-patriots love to talk about “American exceptionalism.”  In plain terms this translates as, “Don’t mind us.  We’re just better than you.”  How incredibly arrogant and off-putting to everyone else.  It seems to go hand in hand with another favored myth, “Manifest Destiny,” which supposedly justified our genocidal land grab against the native inhabitants of North America.  It also ties into “God Bless America,” which implores the all-powerful creator of the entire universe to play favoritism with one particular segment of upright primates, who happen to live within an arbitrarily delineated geographic region of one small planet, circling an ordinary yellow star, in the outer reaches of one of at least a hundred billion galaxies.  Wow.  Furthermore, if we’re going to talk the talk, we sure as hell better walk the walk to back it up.  As related above, our actions continually fall far short of the lofty rhetoric we proclaim to the world (and to ourselves).  No wonder there’s so much rampant anti-Americanism on display among the other ninety-five percent of humanity.

The great irony of it all is that I guarantee many people will read this article and consequently brand me a traitor, a naysayer – any number of derogatory, reactionary terms to draw attention away from things they would prefer not to think about and certainly don’t want advertised.  While not surprising, it’s profoundly discouraging (not to mention childish, unfair, and counterproductive.)  It’s like a monkey throwing poo at his handler for bringing him medicine.

Despite all the travesties I’ve just listed, I love my country and I care deeply about what happens to it.  If I didn’t why would I bother to write about it?  My family has been here for eleven generations and it’s the place I call home.  Having traveled extensively on five continents, I can honestly say the U.S. is still one of my favorite places when it comes to natural beauty, civil liberties, and the kindness and generosity of the people.  I’m proud of the many amazing things we as a nation have achieved: the first functional democracy since ancient Greece, the first national park anywhere, invention of the airplane and the Internet, landing a man on the moon… even our “Colgate smiles.”  Yet loving one’s country does not preclude it being a tough love nor does it require monogamy, for I also love my planet and the fact that we exist as conscious beings to enjoy it.

Right now we’re heading down a dark path.  We’re destroying our environment and we’re pissing away our hard-fought freedoms faster than we can fix things.  We cannot simply carry on with business as usual, plundering the world’s resources and bullying anyone who opposes us.  America has long fancied itself “a shining city upon a hill.”  Just as a city choked with smog and traffic jams and plagued by rampant crime and high unemployment doesn’t make for a very desirable place to live, we had better work on cleaning up our act if we expect anyone to respect us or take us seriously.  If average citizens don’t begin standing up and loudly demanding change, then we’re on a one-way road to ruin.  We’re heading the way of every empire in all of history – the Romans, the Mongols, the Ottomans, the British.  It’s far better to scale back on our own terms than to have those terms thrust upon us by the inevitable confluence of events.  The best way to accomplish this is to change course now, and any meaningful change must start with the facts; otherwise we’re not just misguided but downright delusional.

I’ll wind this down with two pieces of advice, and these apply to anyone willing and able to make the required effort.  First, unless you’re desperately poor and struggling just to put food on the table, then if you don’t have one already, obtain a passport and go visit other parts of the world, even if just Canada or Mexico (only 35% of Americans have passports – double the number from a decade ago but still far less than in many other developed countries.)  There is no single greater way to literally expand your horizons; to dispel xenophobia and see life from a totally different perspective.  You’re way less likely to want to bomb people whom you’ve spoken with, laughed with, spent time and shared meals with.  It doesn’t have to break the bank either, for living as a backpacker often costs far less than working a dead-end job to pay for a crappy apartment.  Even if you hate everything about traveling abroad, you’ll at least know what else is out there and perhaps learn to appreciate what you already have (and are rapidly losing) that much more.

Secondly, gather as much information as possible about history, about current events, and about science, and try to then integrate these ideas into your worldview.  We’re living in the Information Age.  We are surrounded by information, deluged by it.  Although in many ways it’s harder than ever to sort through it all to separate fact from fiction, give it an honest and concerted effort.  Read things that make you uncomfortable.  Follow people on Twitter whom you disagree with.  Click the hyperlinks in interesting articles and follow up with your own research.  Question your most basic assumptions.  If they’re sound, you have nothing to fear.  If they’re not, you have everything to gain and you’ll emerge a wiser, better person for your efforts.

It seems that we are currently experiencing a fairly rough patch of what has been an incredible experiment in people power, but we as a nation still have enormous potential to do good.  Despite all the mistakes we’ve made and the trust we’ve betrayed, we’re still the world’s only remaining superpower and we still wield enormous influence.  Let’s use that influence to tackle humanity’s most pressing problems and to steer us all toward a brighter, happier, more just and peaceful future, for the alternative is too depressing to even consider.

Colby Hess is a freelance writer and photographer living near Seattle, WA. He is currently writing a book about science, philosophy, and freethought. Follow him on Twitter: @ColbyTHess.

*Originally published on Addicting Info

Colby Hess

Colby Hess is a freelance writer and photographer living near Seattle, WA.He is currently writing a book about science, philosophy, and freethought.Follow him on Twitter @ColbyTHess.

102 Comments on "Why The Rest of the World Should Tell the U.S. to F*cK Off"

  1. I agree with most of your points and they are generally well made.

    Really though, I find the headline to be a bit misleading.

    Certainly the rest of the world needs to consider these factors when dealing with us.

    However it is “We the People” of the United States who need to tell our Government to fuck off.

    With the exception of Israel, most other nations have very little influence on the seriously dysfunctional political institutions which have built up in this country and gives rise to the egregious behaviors you have outlined.

    If anyone can change these things, it would be us.

    • Why is it that people on the left (and for the most part I am) feel the need to attack Israel in every sentence? As if Israel is the reason for everyone’s problems, let’s blame the Jews. Fuck you.

      Israelis, and we Jews in general, rarely agree on anything. Saying Israel is bad because you don’t like Benjamin Netanyahu or his politics is like saying all Americans are supporters of Dubya. I doubt I’d piss on him to put out a fire on his head. But I was born in the U.S., and my views are not the same as most Americans.

      In some ways the left thinks a lot like the nazis…

      • Adamsshadow | Apr 28, 2012 at 2:32 pm |

         Every criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitic.

        • Liam_McGonagle | Apr 28, 2012 at 2:52 pm |

          I agree.  It’s very difficult objectively approach that subject without immediately setting off defensive triggers.

          Not hard to see why.  The basic founding premise of Israel is that the world is too dangerous for Jewish people without an explicitly Jewish sectarian homeland.

          We all know why that idea has so much traction.  Whether you support the ultimate conclusion or not, everyone is familiar with the historical precedents that are its premise.  That in itself, taken only that far, should at least be an acknowledged point of agreement.

          Problem is, the two major possible conclusions this premise raises are literally too horrible to contemplate with the type of dispassionate objectivity that such an important issue deserves.

        •  Yes, possibly as much as 3% of them are not.

      • First, I’m not a leftist.

        Fuck me, huh?

        Link a pic and I’ll let you know if you’re my type or not.

        Since that really is a pic of me in the hockey mask, I’ll go ahead and assume I’m your type and have a standing invitation. I’m flattered.

        On the issue of Israel…

        I’ve got no particular quarrel with Jews. They’re people just like everyone else. Bad shit has happened to them, they’ve done bad shit to other people, the Sun will rise tomorrow.

        Zionism is another matter however. No need to go into a detailed critique of Zionism here. I’m sure everyone is familiar with subject or can google it for themselves.

        As far as Israel’s influence in American politics is concerned, I think it’s pretty common knowledge that Israel has a seriously disproportionate influence on not only the foreign policy of the United States but also on some internal matters as well.

        Thinking it over, I may have mis-spoke. Great Britain may have as much influence on the U.S. as Israel… maybe.

        In any case, Adamsshadow has put it most succinctly.

        Further, conflating legitimate criticism of Israel with a racist attitude toward the Jewish people helps no one in the long run.

        • > Link a pic and I’ll let you know if you’re my type or not.

          You get a “like” for that line alone.

      • How is saying that Israel has some influence on American political influences an attack? It’s a true enough statement.

      • Fuckisrael | Apr 28, 2012 at 10:23 pm |

        1) Place a ring of bulldozers around Israel.
        2) Give the entire population 24 hours to get the fuck out.
        3) Start rolling at a nice even walking pace.
        4) Everyone who does not get out of the way goes to join Rachel Corrie.

        FUCK ISRAEL — The single greatest danger to world peace and human survival for thousands of years; as if the creator of the entire universe would really select a bunch of backward hillbilliy fucktards as his “chosen people!” Seriously, is there a concept more insulting to god than that?

        • Dont you worry your precious cold conservative heart about it, thats the prophecy .. you would know that if you actually read your Bible and dont just thump it. When considering conservative foreign relations with Isreal read the scriptures that talk about the “Second Coming”.


        • What makes you think God obeys human morality?

        • Nice, brain-dead response.

        • Anti-Crowley | May 7, 2012 at 9:28 am |

           Single greatest danger to World peace?  When did we ever have World peace for them to endanger?  Are they a bigger danger than Stalin’s Communism or Nazi Fascism?  Oh wait, maybe they are a bigger danger than a Wahhabist Saudi Arabia or an Imperial Japan.  No wait, the conquering Roman Empire or Mongol hordes.  Go read a history book.

      • Left wing Nazis? I’ve officially heard it all.

      • Actually, old Adolph had a real good idea.  Unfortunately, he was too crazy to execute it, unlike the U.S.’s genocide of our Native Americans.

      • Sounds like you need to make Aliya. Maybe then you can make an educated opinion about American Israeli politics. Until that happens, don’t delude yourself… or spoon our religion over politics to make your sensationally charged emo ignorance more appetizing. Yes, tell me just a little bit about what happened to USS Liberty and Israel’s role and America’s reaction. Do not, ever, make comparisons to the nazis. You shame us both, and it cheapens us all. 

    • They always said “The South will RISE again” … nobody believed them, but they sure have.

      When does the US sign a Reich treaty with the Vatican? Soon I think, welcome to the 4th Reich !

    • “However it is “We the People” of the United States who need to tell our Government to fuck off.

      That is exactly what I was going to write.  And for the same reasons as the article’s.

  2. Keep pounding that drum, eventually the public might awaken from the dream. But don’t count on it. Blowback will finally come. Most will refuse to see it.

  3. Mamagriff50 | Apr 28, 2012 at 2:39 pm |

    I too Love America. But as a whole it has become a self rightous bully. The average American is in a trance state, (TV…Games…Texting…etc.), wrapped up in their own personal little world, me me me. Thanks to the US government and corporations insuring this. It’s time to unplug, sit up and wakeup! I know very few people who even watch the world news anymore, so sad.

    • luther_blissett5 | May 3, 2012 at 12:06 pm |

      I get your point, but sometimes problems lead to their own solutions. Many of the willfully ignorant may try to escape reality by staying in narcissistic bubbles, but this will be increasingly impossible as corruption and wars continue and more people start to lose what was once taken for granted; not just living wage jobs, but basic housing, healthcare, education, access to healthy foods, stable ecosystems, etc. People will wonder what’s going on and why, and they won’t get answers from the corporate news.

    • wearelegionoccupytheworld94 | May 8, 2012 at 5:36 am |

      Not even the mainstream news is a reliable source anymore. To stay informed about American, and sometimes even European politics I have to resort to Russia Today, because a country like Russia is the only one that will cover the United States and itself objectively. In comparison to American publications like the New York Times who ignored Occupy Wall Street for close to half a year, whilst jumping to the fore, in order to cover the recent Anti-Putin,  Russian protests, having covered them the day they occurred, describing the brutality of the police in great detail.

  4. grasshopper420 | Apr 28, 2012 at 2:45 pm |

     Most Americans can not wrap their head around the fact that America has been terrorizing 3rd world countries for many years for their natural resources, so the “corporations” can get what they want at the cheapest cost to them, never mind that they are killing people to get this done…. don’t look behind the curtain….. you will not like what you find… Our government has been in the terrorist business for many, many many years….. WAKE UP!!!

    • Hadrian999 | Apr 28, 2012 at 5:28 pm |

       that is the nature of capitalism, it requires empire and exploitation, people aren’t being “fooled” they aren’t asleep, they know whats going on and accept it, they like it, it can’t last much longer but I doubt the next order will be any more equitable than this one.

      • grasshopper420 | Apr 28, 2012 at 6:25 pm |

        And therein lies the problem. Thank you Hadrian999 for pointing out to me that most American don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves…. Shame on them…  But I am not most, I do care.  I do not buy on credit, I do without.  I do not need something new, I shop at resale shops. (except for underwear)  And I do not buy into their bullshit on telling me what I need to be considered successful.  And I have no debt hovering over me stressing me out.  And 80% of Americans are 2 paychecks from being on the street, I know I lived throught that and came out the otherside a better person. Love is what will pull us through.  Peace to ALL.

        • Hadrian999 | Apr 28, 2012 at 7:12 pm |

           in the current system you are either predator or you are prey. it isn’t “american” it is simply the nature of international relations, whoever is the apex predator at the time rigs the game in their favor, it’s a fairly predictable pattern, weakness>strength>vanity>hubris>over reach>decline. our human civilization as a whole is racing towards a rapid decline as fast as we can I doubt any powers will be left standing at the end of this ride

  5. Bringel389 | Apr 28, 2012 at 3:12 pm |

    What about Hitler? He was democratically elected, should we have let him stay in power? What about Korea, comparing the 2 countries today, it’s quite obvious we were on the ‘good’ side of that conflict.  

    • Jin The Ninja | Apr 28, 2012 at 3:23 pm |

       do you know ANYTHING about east asian history? anything?

    • grasshopper420 | Apr 28, 2012 at 6:30 pm |

      Americans were on BOTH sides of that one.   Great grandpa Bush sold arms to Hitler, that’s where they got the  money to go into business with the Bin Ladins in oil….and his son & grandson became president,  go figure….. and still in business with Bin Ladin

    • Pretty sure Hitler declared war on us. Also: Godwin’s law.

      • nope, Hitler wanted th U.S. as an ally. the japanese declared war on the U.S. as a big, middle finger to Hitler’s white supremacist ideology. the u.s.’ geographic location makes it extremely unwise for any european power to declare war on it.

  6. Thanks for this! Very well said.

  7. rileyrifle | Apr 28, 2012 at 3:45 pm |

    I agree completely. It makes me incredibly sad and I just know the founding fathers are rolling in their graves. I think that the simple problem is that if you know and care, you’re probably not in a position with enough power to really do anything, at least not without a large group of other (almost) powerless people. Go Occupy!

  8. Imashadow | Apr 28, 2012 at 3:51 pm |

    It’s already done, for a while.
    But there is not more deaf than which does not want to hear.

  9. Tastycles | Apr 28, 2012 at 3:58 pm |


  10. Fuck America. (note that I am not saying ‘Fuck Americans’).

  11. DeepCough | Apr 28, 2012 at 6:28 pm |

    People felt the same way about the Roman Empire during its Imperium, and I say that because the United States is the final heir to the legacy of Roman imperialism.

  12. ishmael2009 | Apr 28, 2012 at 6:50 pm |

    Summary of this article: “Can’t we all just get along?” 

    Couldn’t agree more that the US spends too much on its military, but this article ignores the imperatives of the overwhelming threat of the Soviet Union and communism. It’s one thing to laugh at the communists and the fascists now they’re no long a threat, but at the time it was genuinely felt to be a life or death struggle. Maybe it was. Everyone thought the world was going to blow itself up sooner or later and we’re still here. 

  13. it’s too late to change. that should have been done 40 years ago. now peak oil, climate change, lack of water, pollution, overpopulation and aging populations will come together in a perfect storm and screw us over!

  14. Maybe people in the rest of the world ARE trying to tell US to fuck off. But the americans have a really trouble to listen, i mean, how many times iraquis and afghanis have to attack US troops to realize that they are not wanted there? Last time Obama visited Brazil one guard at US embassy was attacked with a molotov cocktail and nobody in in the international news even mentioned it or that Obama avoided to make a public open air speech for fear of protests against Iraq war.

  15. We tried telling them to fuck off but they never listen.

  16. Fuck off amerika

  17. SmokinTokinJokinBrit | Apr 28, 2012 at 10:13 pm |

    cool article, im from Britain, kinda like a scaled down america regarding most of these issues, id like to think im on the far left, but honestly, i like the idea that islam is being kept at bay by the USA, truth be told, id rather live in a police state than hear allah akhbuar every fucking morning before the daily stoning. hate the drug policy, am i right in thinking you guys have medical weed ? which i hear is piss easy to get, hoping we follow you on that front, then again, most revolutionists i know smoke pot, the thinking mans drug !, which the government cant afford to legalize, meh im sure we’d all rather be stoned when the bombs drop 

    • JohnFrancisBittrich | Apr 29, 2012 at 12:34 pm |

      No. America does not have medical weed. One or two states out of fifty do, and the dispensaries are regularly raided by the federal government to whom it is still an illegal drug. Additionally, your ideas about islam are misguided and ill-informed.

      • -nightman- | Apr 29, 2012 at 4:28 pm |

        no. islam is bad, even the founder was a murderous sociopath. muslims are fine, but islam is bad. not trying to convince you or anything, but ive been to afghanistan and lived under islam, its a horrible religion and creates a bad atmosphere for everyone, and im not even going into the fact that islam calls for the total domination of the world so as to prepare everyone for the end. nope, not cool.

        • You’re rapid-fire regurgitating the bullet point lies fed to you by Hate Islam websites, apparently (“founder was a murderous sociopath” being one of its most cherished chunks of bullshit).  It only increases my curiosity about how you came to be in Afghanistan.  What were you, the Islam-hater doing there and when, please tell us, when did you ever “live under Islam?”  And while living “under” it why didn’t you bother to learn anything about it?

          Why do you think you know Islam better than the muslims themselves, especially when you claim to think “muslims are fine” only their religion is “bad”?

          You can call a religion “horrible” “bad” and “creates a bad atmosphere for everyone” but I’d like you to explain why you think this. So far you’ve just demonstrated either your gullibility or your mean-spiritedness along with whopping ignorance. The things you claim about Islam are false.  Besides that shit about Muhammed) you claim it’s a “fact” Islam “calls for the domination of the world so as to prepare everyone for the end.”

          You just described mainstream U.S. protestantism as practiced by a chilling percentage of individuals who run the U.S. military, government and economy. It’s closer to the true philosophy of the Republican Party than Islam.  It’s not Islam at all.  Islam doesn’t view salvation as being dependent on the return of the messiah or any particular point in time or tell believers to prepare the earth for the “the end.”  That’s Christianity. 

          From now on, please cite the Koran when making any particular claim about Islam.  And be prepared to defend your interpretations; occasionally, you might find someone to challenge your assumption that your audience is as ignorant and bigoted as you are.

          And really, bud, what the fuck were you doing in Afghanistan?  Did you read the article your comments follow?

      • Jack Herer | May 14, 2012 at 12:14 pm |

        About 23 states have passed positive medical marijuana laws. According to the 14th amendment the fed oligarchs don’t have the right to overrule state laws. Apparently Obama lied about being a law professor too.

    • UK Cheese | May 14, 2012 at 12:04 pm |

      I live in California. Its piss easy to get & mind blowing high grade. Things were better before Obama. He’s been shutting down dispensaries. But we haven’t run out yet and he’s only got 8 months left.

  18. Move to Canada then, pinko.

  19.  The rich and powerful run America.  Unfortunately rich and powerful do not always mean ethical, fair, or democratic.  Survival of the fittest, the fastest, no mercy to the enemy.

     Americans think life is a goddamn football game.

  20. Fuck the “elite” of america and their security and bureaucratic institutions. Most normal american people are cool in my book, and are victims just like the rest of the world that is being attacked and abused.

  21. Yes, very nice and all. But what’s with the painting of Giulia Farnese? 

    • Liam_McGonagle | Apr 30, 2012 at 7:55 pm |

      I take it to be an ironically comic reference to the Medieval legend that only a pure-of-heart virgin could tame the wild magic of the elusive unicorn.  Basically it’s a counterpoint to the grimy Machiavellian pragmatism described in the essay, a contrast to the rapidly crumbling Mom-Democracy-Apple Pie mythology of American empire.

  22. Only American exceptionalism would not consider emigration based upon the direction the US is heading. Militant abusive police and getting worse, infrastructure crumbling, rising unemployment, pollution going out of control, toxic industrialised food, corporate corruption at every level of government, public education being run down and, religious extremism gaining ever greater government influence.
    Don’t love a country, don’t worship dirt, it’s all about community not locality. It is getting harder to emigrate out of the US every day, get out now and give your family a better future.

  23. Ericworldras | Apr 30, 2012 at 3:56 pm |

    Jewish Media controlled brainwashing device will soon have the US boots in the third front. The Us is An oligarchy controlled by the same power that brought you Sadam Hussain. If you believe this type of crap then then world is in a state of anarchy, and has been since the 2nd War. Now firmly in the 3rd war this summer will be the wake up call of this Century. Too bad the call is being made by the same controlling a-holes that made this mess. Time for the wolfs to thin the heard, and for the US to be reminded that we are all the heard. I guess we could all get together and start respecting each others beliefs and driving electric cars, and eating vegetables. That might be a better option. Tune in, drop out. Stop paying taxes? EWR

  24. Your name | Apr 30, 2012 at 9:43 pm |

    Great article.  I live here, and want to tell the US to f*ck off myself. I am extremely disgusted and displeased with American foreign policy, and my fellow Americans (their ignorance).

  25. Alkemical | May 1, 2012 at 11:09 am |

    Americans need to be more concerned with Americans. The rest of the world isn’t going to “care” about us. WE need to care about us.

  26. He should have left off point 4. He actually had me sympathetic to his argument, until he started in with the Chicken Little Horseshit. Yes, we shouldn’t have an empire.  Yes, the “war on drugs” is horribly wrong. But when you start spouting crap about CO2, in my book, you mark yourself as an enemy of humanity.

  27. lol
    your 2 final advices will do nothing to change the problem you point out.

  28. tomasiepants | May 2, 2012 at 1:18 pm |

    Great!  Now how do we get the rest of America to agree with you?  The mainstream media and establishment are obviously in cahoots.  Preying on people who just don’t know/care about the truth.

  29. Little_green_chicken | May 2, 2012 at 11:46 pm |

     Fantastic article! Very even handed, didn’t use lots of language that would bring up someones’ defences if they happened to not share your view, honestly seems to come from a place of love, so great job! We need to talk about issues and opinions as a global community and stop all of this country isolationism! Countries are pretty much only useful for the building of the nation physically and nationalism can be seen as a kind of sickness, that divides people and causes them to build their entire personality around having been born in a particular geographical location.

    In terms of ideology, no matter what country we hail from, I believe we should start thinking in terms of everyone in this world being our countrymen. I know that for a long time, Western countries have lived in blissful ignorance of unfairness and hatred and violence in the world and are vehemently taught not to  care when it comes to exploitation, but we can choose  to wake up anytime we see the light….

    Just like the matrix! 😉

    People have the power, but they often forget…xo

  30. Wow, not a single mention of the partitioning of Yugoslavia and the installation of US Army base in Serbia’s province of Kosovo contrary to International Law, a project led by the USA and its German and Turkish allies. You americunts obviously foster the illusion that the Balkans can forgive and forget. ^^

  31. The problem is a two way street.  The USA also needs to tell the world to f*ck off.  The British government has actively lobbied for American involvement in WW1, WW2, Iran (1953) The Falklands, Bosnia, Somalia, Darfur and Libya.   A BBC reporter trapped in Syria lamented he was heartbroken that the Americans had not done anything to stop the civil war in Syria.   The Australian, Filipino and Viennese government are actively lobbying for more an American military presence in their countries, to protect them have the growing influence on China. 
    Also whenever there is a natural disaster the Americans are often called on first to help the victims, as if America was some type of international 9-1-1 service.

  32. Vincent Vega | May 4, 2012 at 1:57 am |

    Follow the money.  Who controls the money? World money.  The bank of England?  They were determined to stick it to Americans for their insubordinate acts, Independence from the throne.  Who is the federal reserve?  I have no idea who controls that shell game but I’ll bet I know where it leads to.  So England is controlling the puppet strings and America gets all the hate.  I don’t think Americans agree with the war hawks of America. American citizens that is.

    We need to get the fuck out of every country that does not want us there and is not willing to pay for our military protection. Either pay or we leave, no problem.  Mercinary? Sure, that’s what it is.

    Until we throw England out of our country again we will continue to suffer at their hands.  Get rid of the fed.

  33. Great article and I enjoyed reading all the comments…good to see there are Americans that have an open mind and can handle some criticism and I hope there will be enough of you guys to stand up and fight for change, God knows that is what should be happening in Europe as well

  34. Confused, would the world be better off if America never existed, or would it be a wash?

  35. Paul Panza | May 7, 2012 at 3:43 am |

    Other things to hate about this so called god fearing nation, the fact that we are not a democracy but a sham republic, the military, the nuclear power industry, lethal nano-technology, non-lethal weapons, GMO food, Mad Cow disease, fluoridated water, weather modification, AIDS, privatized prisons, CIA, NSA, NIA, DHA, FCC, FDA, SOPA, CISPA, the Democratic and Republican parties, patented medicines, inappropriate genetic manipulation of humans, cover-up of alien ufo visitation, red-neck beer-head football logic, obesity, missing children, etc.

  36. fallofhumanity | May 7, 2012 at 6:51 pm |

    democide, look that up, governments killing citizens, number 1 non-natural killer in the world, and has been since form of governments. government= mind control, look that up. u people vote for something that is named mind control.DAMN FOOLS

  37. Sounds more like a list of reasons why the rest of the world should be very afraid of the US & try their best not to piss ’em off. They have become the terrorist most human beings on the planet fear the most, and have been so for a very long time.

  38. Yea, I am for keeping my tax dollars working at home rather than overseas. Then, if the world wasn’t so screwed up maybe the US would not need to be every where. If regional nations took care of the problems in their own areas, like Iraq, should have been taken care of by other arab nations. We are blind to the reality that our freedoms are not always welcome in other parts of this world. I’m for bringing home all our troops and build up a strong, healthy and economic powerhouse of a nation, caring for IT’S OWN PEOPLE for a change.

  39. Is there no way a bunch of us could fuck off and make a new country of self-governing self-correcting people for the purposes of demonstration? I’ve been watching that HBO show ‘Deadwood’ recently and I was really intruiged by how the community just kinda sorted itself out with no overall government. I really wish I could see how such a community progressed in real life.

  40. honeynutcornflakes | May 9, 2012 at 11:55 am |

     the drug war is a shambles. sort it out.

  41. Livlaffluve | May 9, 2012 at 2:52 pm |

    Great article – should be required reading for all.

  42. man not only is the commerce for profit killing innocents all over the planet,I have supported myself for years on the returns of good hardworking unhappy consumers of everything from $200 high end coffee pots to cell phones gathered up and recycled straight to the trash.To see chains tout recycle programs only to throw out with other perfectly good quality items makes me sick.The genius  that took necessary commerce for quality of life and survival and steered it towards the monster of waste that we have today certainly has made plans for survival without need for any thing alive.The death of us all started in Afghanistan and ends in Zimbabwe .This place sucks because only the few enjoy and the rest apparently will inherit a dead planet.Short sighted and stupid is who deserve what we get but the rest of the world should kill us for their only chance to exist in peace and comfort demands it .Im a Tennessee born man that is shell-shocked at what we call living.anyone think we will be around 200 more years as sentient beings?I for one want out if idiots are all we’ll ever be. 

  43. When a big dog mounts a dog in heat, the smaller dogs stand
    back and bark in jealousy, but don’t dare try to intervene.  With your futile rant, you convey the image
    of one of those “smaller dogs.”


    If you don’t like the way the U.S. does business, pick out
    one of those oppressed countries, go there and become a modern-day John
    Reed.   Remember, action speaks louder
    than words. 




  44. Omgthesonofadam | May 10, 2012 at 8:42 pm |

    As in all cases it is NOT the Citizens but the Governmental bodies and Financial bodies who through Greed,missinformation, abuse of power and fear are destroying the reality of that which we call “Freedom”

  45. Some reasons why a very large percentage of the world actively dislikes the US of A.
    And, if we are honest who can blame them.

  46. 70 summers | May 12, 2012 at 9:06 pm |

    You are right, our education glosses over most of these events. But if you look into the details, you will find your summations to be quite slanted. I suggest instead of hating us so much that you compose rants like this, you get a deeper background on all these events and the context in which they took place. You of course have the luxury of hindsight. You might also examine the consistent scapegoating by the media in all dominions of the British empire, including China, where we definitely didn’t interfere enough, soon enough.
    In fact I resent the same imperialist usurpers you do, but I don’t regard them as Americans. Neither should you; they are foreign agents. It is clear that we were sold out, when we went into 2 world wars to defend the monarchs & the Pope. The genocidal religious empires are the ones that I blame the most, but empires don’t scheme these schemes, *s do.So, turn your anger outward at us, and after we are gone if you are still alive, your owners will tell you who next to blame. I’m sure they’ll be just as nasty as us.Peace

  47. Depending on the season, measurable CO2 levels are about 300-400ppm – thats PARTS PER MILLION, as in “the most insignificant greenhouse gas”. The after effects of nuclear weapons tests and foul ups are far more measurable and devastating. 99.99% of CO2 is produced & fixed again by the biomass – plants, algae, decaying organic materials, and geological activity. Same with methane. If you study the source research data, not the politicized summations and distorted statistics, you’ll realize that any global warming is related to solar activity, not puny humans. Absolutely human pollution of our habitats is a major health concern, but its not AGW, its demonstrably local, because its directly proportional to population density.
    If you want to stop whining and do something to help, help reclaim the deserts. They have been expanding since the last ice age ended. We have the technology to green them, and this would do the most to trap pollutants, reduce the temperature, increase the % oxygen, which btw has been decreasing, and produce food. No downside. Instead your Virgin Atlantic fop wants to build a hotel in space so his rich friends can pee on us all.

    •  Let’s see, Otto.

      Those puny humans (puny is a religious reference and proves your bias) have satellite technology.  I suspect you don’t know anything about that, since religious bias tells us all that science is suspect and can be ignored.

      Those puny humans have recorded the devastation of the Brazilian rainforest, caused by humans. 
      Those puny humans have recorded the loss of fishing resources in the oceans, caused by humans.
      Those puny humans have recorded how LA and Beijing are totally covered with HUMAN CREATED smog, caused by humans.
      Those puny humans have recorded the fact that anthracite coal is not longer available. 
      Those puny humans have recorded how sweet crude is becoming non-available.
      Those puny humans have satellite recordings that shows an oil leak in the Gulf that decimated the US coastline.

      You see, your argument about ‘puny’ humans is such tripe, it’s beyond stupid that you even said it.  WE REGULARLY RECORD OUR DESTRUCTION OF THIS PLANET.

      For you to outright state that we have no affect on a closed atmosphere is beyond stupid.  It proves that you don’t know anything about physics or chemistry. 

      Btw, your figures are totally off.  99.99% of C02 is NOT fixed by those sources you mentioned.  If they did, we’d be a CARBON NEUTRAL civilization.  We are not.  C02 is rising and it’s been rising since the Industrial Revolution. 

      Try again.  This time, leave out the stupid.

  48. Brian of Narangba | May 12, 2012 at 9:59 pm |

    pax America….passe America

    A well written article and I agree with every word, unfortunately the current bunch of US arse lickers we have  running Australia will blindly follow and never have the moral strength to critise US policy.
    I would rather have China as an enemy than the USA as a friend.

  49. Fuck Off, UN!

  50. The US has such an overwhelming sense of its own importance, that when it is told by another sovereign nation to f… off that it just ignores said comment, convincing itself, that the US was created to save the world.  Sorry, most of the world doesn’t want you to save them, and anyway, many of your citizens don’t realise  that there are other countries in the world.

  51. KillZeAmericunts | Jun 12, 2012 at 8:17 pm |

    America fuck yeah…..

    America is just as bad as Nazi Germany.

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