With All This Natural Gas, Who Needs Oil?

National Grid LNG TankAlexandra Marks says there are limits to how far the US can tilt toward a natural gas economy, in the Christian Science Journal:

Bob Mann leans against his wife’s 2006 Volkswagen Jetta in his tool-packed garage. The mechanic and inventor has just converted the car, which is the color of a ripe crab apple, to run on natural gas. He shakes his head.

“It’s a no-brainer. We could jump-start the economy overnight, put 100,000 people to work – easy – and help the environment,” says Mr. Mann, a former Volkswagen technician who’s as comfortable talking about global energy solutions as he is around a socket wrench.

From his suburban home in a wooded neighborhood once known for its shipbuilding prowess, Mann is crafting automotive gadgets for a future that many believe could help solve the nation’s long-intractable energy woes – one fueled mostly by natural gas. During the past five years, Mann has converted more than 10 cars to run on compressed natural gas, in addition to gasoline, using a device he invented, the “CNG Fogger,” which boosts the vehicles’ mileage. Commuters in the Boston area have snapped up his cars from Craigs­list as have CNG enthusiasts as far away as Wisconsin. Mann has also built a CNG race car and wants to design another to compete in the Indianapolis 500.

His big dream, though, is to create an affordable CNG home fueling station so that anyone who has access to a natural gas line for cooking or heating can also fill up a car, just as he and his wife do. Instead of paying $4 a gallon at the pump, it costs them 60 cents for the equivalent amount of natural gas.

“My wife loves it – she’s already saving $180 a month,” he says. “What I don’t understand is what we are doing sending billions of dollars overseas to buy oil when we’ve got a 100-year supply of natural gas right under our feet?”…

[continues in the Christian Science Journal]


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6 Comments on "With All This Natural Gas, Who Needs Oil?"

  1. The fracking and pumping of fluids into the ground to get the amount needed to supplement the current use of oil as a fuel would end up DESTROYING our water supply.

    I should have expected this kind of nonsense from the oxymoron that is “Cristian Science”

  2. the good news is the machines will have enough fuel
    the bad news is people may have to stop drinking water
    once it hits $10 a gallon

  3. Sensible regulation could solve the groundwater pollution problems. Enacting such regulation would be difficult with all the fearbots in congress screaming communism and unconstitutional… 
    CSM is a solid publication BTW

    • Sensible regulation? You mean instead of coming up from behind and blindfolding us as they sodomize, rape and donkey punch us, you would rather have them greet us face to face first with a smile? Wake up, the regulations that govern fracking are done so for a reason, and it isn’t to protect the consumer. You cant fix fractured substrate once it has been done and you cant reverse the environmental impact on ground water. The only solution is a compete ban.

  4. We do just fine with hydroelectricity in the northwest thank you.

  5. Opie Cunningham | Apr 26, 2012 at 5:16 pm |

    duh, there are limits on *everything*.

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