1966 Personal And Family Survival Guide

Convert you snack bar into a fallout shelter by lowering a false ceiling. Deck out your patio area with a barrier for both fallout protection and privacy for lounging and cookouts. These and more glamorous tips in a 1966 government manual life guide that combined nuclear apocalypticism with suburban living. Via They Kept Everything:

Family Fallout

This handbook is provided to familiarize householders with the overall Civil Defense Program. Those interested in enrolling in the course, “Personal and Family Survival,” should contact their local Civil Defense Director for details.

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  1. Liam_McGonagle | May 15, 2012 at 1:23 pm |

    I know their intentions were good, and I guess it was worth it, even if only to calm the jangled nerves of a doomed generation.  But I think the discerning reader has a right to expect a bit more, viz:

    1.  In depth essays outlining selection criteria for cannibalization, when that extremity should be reached.  This is not a frivolous enterprise, considering the profound impact of loss of skill sets, needs for genetic variation going forward and the layman’s typically inadequate ability to detect and prevent latent disease pathogens from entering the food supply.

    2.  A comprehensive guide to the cultivation, slaughter, gutting and cleaning of two-legged cattle.  Remember, the context here is of an extreme nuclear event–people aren’t going to be thinking clearly, and the learning curve is incredibly short.  No time to waste prime cuts of meat or needlessly deplete the survivors’ morale with clumsy “harvesting” techniques.

    3.  Instructional manuals on the identification, preparation and use of various psychotropic plants.  For a generation raised like veal hobbled next to their feeding troughs, there’s bound to be many an unpleasant surprise.  The skillful use of mind-altering drugs will quickly be elevated from frivolous hobby to indispensable institution.  No doubt the adept practicioner will also make the most of the complementary psycho/social techniques of religion and ideology.

    4.  Grimoires on the weaponization of readily available materials.  Certainly the first 72 hours after any eschatological event will be critical, but the far-thinking man will also take a careful view of long term prospects.  No doubt it will be a great mistake to become overly dependant on mechanized weapons paradigms which will last no longer than your very limited stockpiling.  Any man able to quickly and reliably fashion a superior killing device will have a clear reproductive advantage.

  2. Not so many years before this .. highly radioactive particles were in everything from cosmetics to household items and even baby powder. It’s been a love hate relationship with the atom since humans first discovered its power but with great power comes great responsibility.

  3. I own a vintage copy of this book. Useful as a cultural artifact, not much else.

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