’50 Things: Religion’ Author Daniele Bolelli on The Duncan Trussell Family Hour

DanieleBolelliTune in to an amazing conversation between 50 Things You Aren’t Supposed to Know: Religion author Daniele Bolelli and recent DisinfoCast guest Duncan Trussell. The two go deep with a discussion on the warrior ethos, overcoming suffering and the true teachings behind some of the world’s great religious texts.

Listen to the conversation here.

  • Andrew

    First “… For Over 300 Years Since” and now “50 Things Religion?”  Jeez, who’s been editing the headlines lately?

    • Guest
      • Andrew

        It’s not confusing, it just reads a little hacked together.  A colon after “Things” would probably fix it.

    • http://twitter.com/mattstaggs Matt Staggs

      I should have responded to this comment than the one below. I’m sorry, the typographical error is entirely my own fault, but I’ve corrected it. Your new handle surprised me, by the way. I know you by your old one “Good German.”

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