51 Japanese Food Items Exceed New Radioactive Safety Standards

RadiationWell, it’s good to know Japan’s government is seriously testing the food supply. Via the Japan Times:

Radioactive cesium was detected in 51 food products from nine prefectures in excess of a new government-set limit in the first month since it was introduced April 1st, according to data released by the health ministry Tuesday.

The limit was exceeded in 337 cases, or 2.4 percent of 13,867 food samples examined by the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry.

Cesium exceeding the previous allowable limit of 500 becquerels per kilogram was detected in 55 cases, while the new limit of 100 becquerels was exceeded in 282 cases. By prefecture, there were 142 cases in Fukushima, 69 in Tochigi, 41 in Ibaraki, 35 in Iwate, 32 in Miyagi, 13 in Chiba, two each in Yamagata and Gunma, and one in Kanagawa.

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8 Comments on "51 Japanese Food Items Exceed New Radioactive Safety Standards"

  1. Mamagriff50 | May 5, 2012 at 9:27 pm |

    We are still importing food from Japan……..You are what you eat. I for one do my best to buy locally grown. If I know it comes from the far east……NO THANKYOU!

    • Jin The Ninja | May 6, 2012 at 11:38 am |

      i buy locally grown, mostly organic (i’m macrobiotic) also, but i refuse to give up certain cultural products or foods- unless they are able to grow durians, mangoes, lychee, tea, coffee, coconut oil, spices (of any kind), in canada- it’s just not possible to do it 100% local.

  2. Mbridges | May 5, 2012 at 9:30 pm |

    I notice your website is called ‘Disinformation’. Why should we believe anything you say?

    • honerable guest | May 6, 2012 at 6:27 am |

       because the source of the article is Japan Times you muppet! it does not matter who hosts the article or write it as long as it is properly sourced!

    •  Obviously you have no understanding of the history of this Website. The Disinfo is what you are being fed by your church, schools (privatized too) national news media, politicians, and the Chamber of Commerce. Sure, they allow freedom of speech in the written word and you have to be discerning, but it is my experience that “where there is smoke, there is fire.” Thank you Disinfo team.

      “every perception is a gamble; how often does being sure about anything make one act like a damn fool?”

    • You shouldn’t.  You should only believe the people on TV and the Internet who say they’re telling you the truth, because a liar would never say such a thing.

  3. Well of course they’re going to check. If the food was grown in areas contaminated by radioactive Cs from the disaster, then it’s going to pick it up. Kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?

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