A 12-Year-Old Spells Out the Fraud That Banks Are Committing Against the People (Video)

Via Public Banking TV:

12-year-old Victoria Grant explains why her homeland, Canada, and most of the world, is in debt. April 27, 2012 at the Public Banking in America Conference, Philadelphia, PA. For more information see publicbankinginstitute.org.

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  1. looks like she read “Web of Debt”

  2. Sucks to be a Crown Colony !

    • Jin The Ninja | May 17, 2012 at 3:37 am |

      if you even mention getting rid of the monarchy (as head of state) to anyone over 50, be prepared for eye-daggers thrown your way.

      •  Just look them straight in the eye and remind them exactly how monarchy became institutionalised. They did it by ‘TORTURING TO DEATH’ anyone that protested, disagreed or tried to prevent it happening.
        Basically monarchy is another word for homicidal maniacs, that people to this day take pride in it and wallow around in it, is a public obscenity against any principle of justice. These people came to power by killing anyone and everyone and their families that publicly didn’t approve of the idea, they killed and killed and killed until their power was assured and accepted as a public institution.
        In fact they didn’t just kill they ‘TORTURED PEOPLE TO DEATH’ in the worst ways imaginable, publicly in front of children to instil the fear of the most painful imaginable deaths at the hands of ‘Royalty’ at the youngest age possible.
        Now let them look you in the eye and defend those psychopaths.

        • VaudeVillain | May 17, 2012 at 12:12 pm |

          I’m not going to contradict your account of history, but I do have one question: what does that have to do with right now?

          Has Elizabeth II been torturing people? Has she been doing much of anything? The English monarchy is undoubtedly an outdated, unnecessary burden on the British government and economy… but the flip side is that it is largely irrelevant.

          If you want to hold to account the politicians and aristocrats who sold us to the banks, look the the parliaments, congresses and other legislatures of the developed world. Reagan and Thatcher are far more culpable than any of the Buckingham residents could ever hope to be.

          • I agree with the basics of what you said.  But, I’d say you ought to place the blame a little further back.  Woodrow Wilson would be a great place  to start from an American point of view.  I wouldn’t know who to blame in the UK.  

          • Anyone who thinks Queen Elizabeth II of England and her Royal incestuous inbreds are merely figureheads is sadly misinformed.

            In the case of Canada, many believe the Prime Minister holds the most prestigious and powerful position in the country.

            If that were true, why isn’t the Prime Minister’s picture hanging on the walls of government buildings instead of the QUEEN?

            When the Prime Minister takes the oath of office, why does he pledge his allegiance to the “QUEEN”, and not to “CANADA” or “WE THE PEOPLE”?

            In Canada’s National Anthem, why don’t we ask God to save the Prime Minister and his ruling party, or the NATION, instead of the QUEEN?

            Why do we face the CROWN in the courts and not the Prime Minister or some other legal entity?

            Why do the police wear a crest of a CROWN on their uniforms and hats and pledge allegiance to the QUEEN? Who do they really “serve and protect” in the line of duty?

            Why are all Canadian naval ships called “HER MAJESTY”?

            Why are all government forms redistered as “© Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada”?

            Whose image is on the Canadian currency?

            Why doesn’t the Prime Minister sit in the highest, most ornate chair during a throne speech, as opposed to the QUEEN’S representative, the GOVERNOR GENERAL OF CANADA? Even the spouse of the GOVERNOR GENERAL is seated in a far more decorative and loftier chair than that of the lowly Prime Minister. This is not merely for show.

            Why is the Prime Minister only allowed to enter in the House of Commons and not the HOUSE OF LORDS, unless the GOVERNOR GENERAL OF CANADA is present? (hint: for all intents and purposes, the PM is a “commoner”)

            If the Prime Minister is all powerful, why did he need the approval of the QUEEN’S representative, the GOVERNOR GENERAL, to prorogue government?

            Before the GOVERNOR GENERAL is allowed to read a Throne Speech, there is an elaborate occult-like ceremony in which an usher with a black rod knocks on a door requesting the monarch’s presence.

            The only way Canada can gain sovereignty is by tossing that black rod in the trash can along with the rest of the voodoo these demons practice and by telling “Her Satanic Majesty” we will no longer be taking her “Requests.”

            It’s high time Canada dispensed with the oppressive British totalitarian rule foisted upon them for centuries and begin ruling by the AUTHORITY OF THE MAJORITY. http://binged.it/JB3DHI

          • Jin The Ninja | May 18, 2012 at 12:07 pm |

             exactly, thank you.

        • Royalty= descendants of warlords.  

          Today’s royalty, of course, is much better at PR.  

        • You might remind them as well that prior to 1917 the British monarchy bore the German name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha in German).  The Windsor name now used by Queen Elizabeth II and other British royals was taken from one of the king’s castles. The royals were actually close allies to Germany but due to the war found it necessary to distance themselves to save face with the public. Prince Harry showed his family’s true colours years ago by wearing a Nazi uniform to a friend’s fancy dress party. http://bit.ly/eHJqcf

      • Even people younger than 50. Our current government and PM have brought back knighthoods (in New Zealand wtf?) and said in an interview last year that over 80% of New Zealanders support the monarchy, which turned out to be a bold face lie (suprise suprise) it was only 54%. The sooner us Common Wealth nations become Republics the sooner we can address our own issues at home properly.

    • We are all in the same boat! Why do we let a thousand or so people run the narrative for the other 7 billion?!

  3. I don’t like children being used as political props.   Let the adult who wrote the speech deliver it.

    • Really !!!! .. c’mon..I think it is remarkable that a kid of 12 has a grasp of the bullshit that is going on in the world…maybe her and others of her generation might be able to have the courage to stand up and change the world for the better, and not sit around and do nothing like us adults have done.

      • manilaanimal | Jul 19, 2012 at 3:37 pm |

        maybe you should have the courage to do it so your kids wouldn’t have to?

    • Mr Willow | May 17, 2012 at 2:54 pm |

      The video (and the child in the video) implies she wrote it.

    • Children have more shock value than adults, especially when a child understands something that most adults don’t even grasp the concept of. I think this child is smarter than most adults out there and I think she could be writing speeches of her own. If it takes a child to get peoples attention then so be it. Because if we do nothing, her generation is the one that’s going to suffer. 

      Every child that understands the fraud should stand up and let us stupid adults know whats up. I’m 29 years old and I wish I knew the information I do now when I was 12. I would have been more motivated to do something about it. Instead, I conformed and let the system lie to me. Now everyday I worry for these kids that are going to grow up in a country owned and controlled by foreign bankers. 

    • Calypso_1 | May 18, 2012 at 8:53 am |

      Even if this girl where wholly indoctrinated by an adult, compare and contrast her to the children in say….Jesus Camp.

    • Jesus Borg | May 21, 2012 at 7:16 am |

       obviously you don’t have kids in 4-H.

    • anonniemouse | May 21, 2012 at 10:00 pm |

      Listen to how it’s even “written”. “Have you ever wondered…have you ever wondered…etc.” “First I will examine X, then I will explain Y”.

      That’s precisely the sort of paper that a brainy 12 year old would write. Besides, I believe her because I was that precocious at her age.

  4. “it’s so obvious even my 12-year old daughter understands it” but finance is one of the things most talked about and least understood. people don’t understand what they invest in and no one can agree what constitutes a trend reversal even though that’s the holy grail in investing

    • Ceausescu | May 19, 2012 at 2:04 am |

       You’re not making any point related to the video. You probably didn’t understand the essence of what she was saying.

      I’m not gonna bash you though. Instead, I’ll explain what she’s arguing about:

      The banks are loaning money ( that they don’t actually have in physical form, but rather create it in an electronic database ) to governments and consumers.

      Now, this additions of “virtual money” that enter the economy creates inflation. That is because the prices are directly proportional to the total money in circulation within the economy. ( Quantity Theory of Money )

      In a better world, consumers’ wages and purchasing power should follow the same trend and increase proportional to the prices and total output. But it is not anywhere close to that. One should double his salary every 5 years. ( more or less )

      With those loans, you as a consumer can increase your purchasing power, but it is still debt towards the banks. It’s not really your money. And neither is the banks’ money, but they have the power to create it and claim it theirs.

      You’re welcome.

    • anonniemouse | May 21, 2012 at 10:05 pm |

      You didn’t even watch it, did you?

  5. If I was a player on the Elitist side, I would find this video very troubling…because it stands as a warning that the tide is turning against them….for a young girl and probably many other young people to see the evidence and to formulate a political opinion at such an age says to me that they have lost, and the future is indeed against them.

  6. Obama Bin Lyin | May 18, 2012 at 1:36 pm |

    Obama needs to meet with this girl, she is way ahead of him…..just kidding, he knows exactly what he is doing because he is a part of it!

  7. Seanoamericano | May 19, 2012 at 9:06 am |

    This is awesome she is smarter than any beuracrat or elected official and should be President. Beware scum central  bankers even children this young can see you are the enemies of all mankind and the world will be a much better place once you and ilk have been eradicated.  

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