After You Die: Your Digital Afterlife

As envisioned by Tom Scott, here’s a preview of what you will see after your (natural) life ends someday. Get ready for price-tiered consciousness:

  • emperorreagan

    I don’t see us getting out of the energy trap to actual power this, much less any of the technological advances futurists seem to get on about.

    • PossiblyMaybe

      You should try reading Accelerando by Charles Stross. It is not necessarily an “easy” read but it is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking…

  • zombieslapper

    While you losers are trapped, wandering around a polluted ball of dirt, property of Apple or Microsoft or whatever in your Walmart value-priced Fisher-Price cyborg bodies I’ll be a ball of light soaring through the universe, creating fantastic realms of light and sound, experiencing pure ecstasy. Have fun.

    • eyeoftheaxis
      • Monkey See Monkey Do

        Haha, Awesome.

    • Littlemisteramerica

      HOLY SHIT “Fisher-Price cyborg bodies”, I just laughed so hard- kudos, sir.

  • N. Drake

    Jesus Christ these machine freaks are pathetic cowards.

  • Malkav

    Creepy beyond measure. Just think of the implications of altering
    memories to align with sponsors. Deleting precious memories because you
    can’t pay ridiculous licensing fees. If people can change your mind,
    feelings and your memories. Wouldn’t they be changing the very fabric of
    your self? -shudders- Sounds like something out of an Orwellian hellhole

    • Monkey See Monkey Do

      And the scariest thing about it all. It’s already happening in this life.