America Is Making Its Own Pilots Sick (Video)

F-22 RaptorDraw your own conclusions, but where active members of the military speak out, we all should be listening.

As reported by 60 Minutes:

Military officers rarely speak out against their services, but in our lead story you’ll hear from two elite pilots who question the safety of Air Force’s most sophisticated, stealthy, and expensive fighter jet, the F-22 Raptor. Maj. Jeremy Gordon and Capt. Joshua Wilson have chosen to stop flying the F-22 because they say during some flights they and other pilots have experienced oxygen deprivation, disorientation, and worse. They are concerned about their safety in the air, as well as the long-term health consequences. The Air Force says it is doing all it can to investigate and solve the problem, and are keeping the jets in the air with careful supervision of the pilots.

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  1. lol they get sick but they never get shot down and they kill people.

    • Was waiting for this. OK, let’s pretend you have a job where in the course in your action you get poisoned. And you are not allowed to tell anyone about this.

      • If your job is killing people, being disoriented or sick doesn’t seem like it’s your biggest problem.

      • Happened to my uncle in Japan. He sued the Japanese government, and they banned him from coming back.

      • Monkey See Monkey Do | May 13, 2012 at 4:02 pm |

        Looks like CBS was told about it. What do you expect when the sheep keep joining the military. When fighting for a tyrannical empire people will get sick and injured and killed, with little compensation or long-term care. Here’s a tip for any young boys and girls thinking about joining the american war machine, DON’T JOIN!

        • You need someone to enlist.  Other people join, making it so you don’t have to. Be a little grateful.  Being in the service isn’t such a terrible thing.

  2. (of course it hasn’t really been used in combat.  There haven’t really been any air-to-air fights like WW2 or Vietnam)  I mean, this is a little more serious than getting motion-sickness in a car, or sea-sick on a boat.  But it’s also kind of expected to have people get disoriented in a fighter jet that can impose such g-forces on the body.  I imagine those g-forces *could* also affect the equipment.  Just a guess.  You think every pilot flying an SU-37 is perfectly fine? lol.  
    My father used to be a fighter pilot (began with F-4 and then F-15C) and worked at Northrop Grumman when the F-22 was being designed.   No point other than to say that I’m not completely illiterate on the subject.

  3. topgunactor | May 13, 2012 at 1:30 am |

    phaseing out their pilots to make way for drones? Weaken them so they wont have to pay their pensions forquite so long?

  4. they deserve it.

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