Britain To Install Missiles In Apartment Complexes For London Olympics

London 2012More 2012 Olympics dystopianism as a dense East London neighborhood will be turned into a military base, in the name of pole-vaulting. Robert Booth writes in the Guardian:

The Bow Quarter complex of more than 700 apartments is the first of a handful of housing developments close to the Olympic Park chosen by military planners to host high velocity rockets aimed at preventing an airborne terrorist attack on this summer’s Games.

Ministry of Defence officials will this week inform a number of other residents that their homes have been selected to become part of London’s military lockdown. The missile units will be installed and armed with dummy rockets in time for a national Olympic security exercise starting on Wednesday. The test of the government’s £1bn security plans will see RAF Typhoon fast jets and military helicopters operating above London and the home counties.

“It is rather surreal,” said Nathan Lewis, a software developer who lives in the block beneath where the weapons will be located. He speculated it might be a piece of “security theatre” by the authorities. “It is an example of the insane world we live in post-9/11. I don’t think anyone here feels more secure because of this.

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  • Anarchy Pony

    Why in the fucking hell would they need fast movers? Are they worried Germany is gonna start some shit? The blitz 2012?(that was a joke) Anybody thinking some false flag shit might be going down?

  • Liam_McGonagle

    Wow–Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmonstone were prophets . . .

  • Calypso_1

    will they be allowed to put the olympic logo on the missile batteries? 

    • Jin The Ninja

      i’m sure they’ll let one of their ‘official sponsors’ bid for the opportunity…

      nothing says ‘capitalism’ like weapons of mass destruction.

  • Scatman_crothers

    We discuss this topic in our podcast here:
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  • GoodDoktorBad

    “… their homes have been selected to become part of London’s military lockdown. ”

    Selected? They make it sound like a privilege to have missles installed on your property.

    All for Queen and country I suppose….

  • smooth_operator

    The Olympics are increasingly an event for the rich and the political elite. Nonchalantly handing out a note to the average Joe telling him there will be SA missiles placed on the roof of his apartment complex testifies to this fact. And it will be done with Joe’s tax-dollars, of course.

    How many SA batteries do you think will be placed on the roof of 10 Downing Street or on the top of HSBC? That’s what I thought.

  • Okarin

    olympics has become such a male oriented thing, the real innovations in competition in the olympics is the area of performance drugs and weapons

  • BuzzCoastin

    What a waste of time!
    Those missiles were installed at the Pentagram during 9-11
    and they couldn’t even shot down a nonexistent airplane.