‘Far Cry 3’ Incorporates Psychoactive Mushrooms in First Mission

Far Cry 3A pirated video from what must be a beta test of upcoming shooter Far Cry 3 features a mission in which the player gathers psychoactive mushrooms for a rogue scientist.

In the course of the mission the character is exposed to the mushroom’s active ingredients. The relevant footage begins at 3:47.

Warning: the video is of poor quality due to whatever the poster used to extract the footage from the game. Watch it now before manufacturer UbiSoft pulls it down.

Bonus: Check out the near-photorealistic official trailer for some “uncanny valley” fun.

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  • Redacted

    I mirrored it for the inevitable take down.


  • Hadrian999

    by now that is a fairly common video game trope, I’ve seen many games that involve a irritating level in which you must navigate a dangerous situation either drunk or drugged, why game designers think forcing us to use sluggish controls and bad visuals is somehow artistic an fun is beyond me

    • http://twitter.com/Murkraz Mark

      Here, try these mushrooms.

    • http://twitter.com/mattstaggs Matt Staggs

      I liked the weird side-scroller levels you had to beat after being dosed with Scarecrow gas on Batman: Arkham Asylum. I thought that was a cool approach. 

      • Hadrian999

         i’m still pissed about the crappy “vision quest” mission in fallout: new vegas, it’s actually painful to play.

      • Monkey See Monkey Do

        Down the rabbit hole with the mad hatter in Arkham city was nice too.

        • http://twitter.com/mattstaggs Matt Staggs

          Only halfway done with Arhkam city. I’ve spent an inordinate time just sneaking around rooftops laying the smackdown on thugs.

  • G-Train

    Why would they use video from the lame Xbox version. PC FTW! 

    • http://twitter.com/mattstaggs Matt Staggs

      That’s all I could fine. I’m guessing the gamer just has an xbox, or could just get this version. It’s super-poor quality video, anyway. Would have loved to have better stuff. I’m an XBOX gamer, but it has more to do with the very little amount of time I have to play these days (and amount of money I have to invest in upgrading) than anything else. There are definitely trade-offs between both systems, but to each his/her/ its own. 

    • Hadrian999

       pc gaming is trying to commit suicide with every new DRM scheme if diablo 3 style drm becomes mainstream I’ll never pay for a pc game again

      • Redacted

        The DRM on Diablo 3 is the only reason I haven’t bought it.

        I’m starting to think being a Console gamer isn’t so bad.

        • Jin The Ninja

          being a console gamer, i have decided (as an authority on such matters), is the only logical choice for the purist gamer, unless you are going to play mmos, which for the most part, don’t cater-well to anyone interested in deep storylines, high graphics, or skill and action.

          • Redacted

            I play Warhammer Online, which caters to both skill and action. But otherwise, I agree.

          • Hadrian999

            huh, I thought warhammer online would have closed up shop after the terrible launch and started the apocalypse of server merges

          • Jin The Ninja

            am only passingly familiarl with warhammer, but i do know it is considered pretty hardcore and not for the casual gamer. didn’t mean it as a slight, only as an ex wow player that mmorpgs lose a lot of their value over any extended period of time, and have a tendeny to attract a lot of non-gamers who take very seriously their stats/numbers to the detriment of graphics/gameplay experience

      • http://hormeticminds.blogspot.com/ Chaorder Gradient

        The DRM is annoying, and I think its use causes annoying infrastructure problems with the game(hopefully fixable…), but despite this, I’m still having a lot of fun with the game.

  • Journalisto

    What better to compliment your six hour mushroom trip than some bloody stabbing and a high octane machine gun slaughter?  I’m trippin out man!!!

    • http://twitter.com/mattstaggs Matt Staggs

      What? There’s another way to do it? Man, no wonder the neighbors are pissed.

  • Mr Grim

    That… was unbelievably lame.

  • Monkey See Monkey Do

    Anyone remember NARC on Ps2? Classic.

  • Established Poster

    I am happy that we can take a break from the issues of oppression of our freedoms and fundamental religious war to focus on this equally important issue.   We must stay dedicated to our principle of exposing disinformation.

    • http://twitter.com/mattstaggs Matt Staggs

      Who is this “we” and where did we sign on to your vision of what this site is all about? Christ, it must be tough for you to go anywhere: “This lunch special is a distraction from our true mission of exposing the hegemony!” 

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