Geraldo Rivera: I Was “Manually Raped” By the TSA

Geraldo RiveraPaul Joseph Watson writes on InfoWars:

Fox News host Geraldo Rivera revealed last Friday how he was “manually raped” by a TSA worker while traveling to Afghanistan, explaining how he had been persecuted by the federal agency for falsely appearing on the infamous ‘no fly list’.

Rivera appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss this story about an eighteen-month-old child appearing on the TSA’s no fly list. The parents of the toddler said that after they were “humiliated, embarrassed and picked on” by TSA agents at Ft Lauderdale Airport, they were marched off the plane, and ordered to stand in the terminal for half an hour. However, Rivera devoted most of the segment to his own TSA nightmare story.

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  1. Oh god… There’s automatic rape!?

  2. Fox News has been a huge propaganda machine for the War On Terror and helped to make Americans go along with all post 9-11 government actions. So I don’t have a problem with Geraldo Rivera getting manually raped by the TSA. Just deserts. Fox News stooges should all be molested by the TSA. The TSA is great! They are giving (most) Americans what they deserve.

  3. If anyone deserves to be “manually raped” its Geraldo Rivera.

  4. Cry me a fucking river, you little bitch. This is exactly and precisely what you conservatard douche-kazoos asked for. Welcome to the fascism of your own making.

  5. ha ha ha HAHAHHA!!

  6. If this is true, it cost way too much. He isn’t worth it. 

  7. sam23sirius | May 15, 2012 at 10:08 am |

    The TSA saw his porn-stache and thought he would be “in to it”

  8. Lifobryan | May 15, 2012 at 2:38 pm |

    As much as I hate the TSA … I’d nevertheless PAY to watch them manually rape Geraldo. 

    “Douchebag Fondled By Dicks”

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