Graham Hancock Gets ‘Entangled’ With George Noory on Coast To Coast AM

Coast To Coast AM’s George Noory talks with author Graham Hancock on the subject of the battle of good and evil and Hancock’s novel Entangled which focusses on that mystery. Hancock enters the conversation at about 11:34 in the YouTube video below (right after a recording of Prince Charles reading the weather for Scotland).


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4 Comments on "Graham Hancock Gets ‘Entangled’ With George Noory on Coast To Coast AM"

  1. Noory is a weasel.

    • Jesus Borg | May 15, 2012 at 11:10 am |

      Noory is kind of a softball interviewer, but Graham Hancock seems to like lecturing monologue format, so the two are a good fit.

  2. Easy for you to say troll

  3. Jesus Borg | May 15, 2012 at 11:07 am |

    I thought it was pretty deep and profound. I think its intersting  Hancock Mentions Set the Egyptian God of Darkness, given the connection between Disinformation ltd and the temple of Set, through former editor Alex Burns.

    Its funny, Micheal Aquino also writes allegorical fiction on behalf of Evil.  

    Its not a deep connection but its there nonetheless. You find a  pretty good smattering of Satan worshippers in the contributing authors of the Disinfo books too.

    Most intersting to me was Hancock’s take on Gnosticism and religions, being co-opted by evil. Its intersting strategy for evil to set up a visible counterpoint to good, while simultaneously infiltrating and co-opting the other side.

    I know looking at life as a battle between good and evil may seem simplistic to some, but I think Hancock encapsulates it well as evil desiring to take away others sovereignty and ability to make choices. That seems to resonate with the strong Libertarian streak I see here on disinfo ad well ad in the books.

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