Guns Drawn On Occupy Journalists, Car Raided in Chicago (Video)

Via We Are Change:

Luke Rudkowksi (@Lukewearechange), Tim Pool (@Timcast), Jeoff Shively (@Jiraffa), Dustin & Jess were driving home after covering a NATO protest in Chicago only to have their car raided by police.

  • Capt Jack

    What a bunch of idiots, all obsessed with their phones…

    • Nunzio X

      Obsessed with their phones only insofar as the phones double as video cameras.

      The better to record the ongoing goose-stepping march toward Fascism the police seem to enjoy.

    • DeepCough

      You support the 4th Amendment at all by any chance?

  • Anarchy Pony

    Fascism, it’s what’s for dinner.

  • Camron Wiltshire

    Here is a follow up report from the local NBC affiliates.  Who knows what would happen without the protection that video cameras afford to independent journalists and activists.
    Citizen journalists and prolific protest livestreamers, Luke Rudkowski and Tim Pool, who have been covering the NATO protests in Chicago since Thursday, and a group of other streamers were pulled over by Chicago police Sunday morning around 2 a.m. and detained.Police surround the vehicle that contained the livestreamers and approached with guns drawn.Pool and his fellow livestreamers turned on their cameras to document the exchage, which lasted about 10 minutes.The streamers, which included members of the We Are Change channel said the experience was scary, but that the police acted professionally.After the incident, police told Pool and his comrades that their vehicle matched the description of another vehicle they sought.

    If you enjoy liberty, learn to see yourself in others.

  • Established Poster

     I am raging mad right now.  I have had enough.  I am taking a stand as of right now, I will start (and end) by commenting here on this site and to my friends at my average middle class job.

    • JaceD

      You have a job? Don’t see how you can fit work in when you’re trolling this site. Right guys?

      • Andrew

        Maybe trolling this site is his job.  Right guys?

        • Established Loser


    • MoralDrift

      hey you give many of us more credit than most trolls. hey he says I have a middle class job! Oh joy of joys!

  • Mario

    “We Are Change” is not “Occupy Wall Street”

    “We Are Change” is a libertarian-leaning, pro-Ron Paul, birther organization that is 2 years older than “Occupy Wall Street” and is partially – albeit indirectly – funded by the Russian government through a SVR-financed civil engagement initiative (not that I have an issue with that as the US funnels money to anti-Putin groups through the NED/IRI).

    I’m neither excusing nor condemning  what happened, however, “Occupy” is not a synonym for “protester.”

  • Ernest

    That was cool those guys were so ready to video the incident. What hand held were they using? Can anyone recommend something like that for me? I’d like to have video capability like that available. Thanks.

    • Camron Wiltshire

      I’m sure you could email the web master at and they could help you with your questions.  Also find them on facebook and I’m sure they would be happy to chat with you.  Best wishes.

  • Elmyr23

    nothing happened in that video, it says gun drawn but i saw nothing but what looked like a bunch of tools with phones scared/excited that they too where pulled over by the police. This video should never have been posted seeign as nothing happened.