Icelandic Parliament Member Saves Giant Boulder He Claims Is Home To Elves

index.phpHere in the United States, politics rarely places much importance on the well-being of non-human living creatures, so the Icelandic parliament’s concern for elves is quite touching. The Iceland Review writes:

MP for the Independence Party Árni Johnsen arranged for the relocation of a 30-ton boulder, which he believes is home to three generations of elves, from southwest Iceland to his home Höfðaból in the Westman Islands today.

Arni first encountered the elves’ dwelling when he was in a serious car accident in January 2010. His car overturned and landed beside the boulder.

“I had Ragnhildur Jónsdóttir, a specialist in the affairs of elves, come look at the boulder with me,” recollected Árni. “It was incredible, she had never met three generations of elves in the same boulder before…She said an elderly couple lives on the upper floor but a young couple with three children on the lower floor.”

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  • Gergith

    Huh…. Part of me wishes this is their equivalent to the Onion. Another part of me wonders if there are entire nations out there that believe in all sorts of fantasy. :) It’s interesting to look at.

    • Zach Bishop

      “Another part of me wonders if there are entire nations out there that believe in all sorts of fantasy.”

      In the United States, Christianity is more widely believed in and it is just as much of a fantasy.

      • Gergith

        In regards to the USA, again, Part of me wishes this is their equivalent to the Onion 😉

  • Redacted

    Iceland’s crazy politicians are actually kind of charming compared to some of ours.

    • Anarchy Pony

      Better to be charmingly eccentric than insanely greedy and vicious.

      • Jin The Ninja

        that would make a cool video game.

        • Anarchy Pony

          Have you seen Troll Hunter? If not, check it out, it’s awesome.

          • Jin The Ninja

            i saw it! i preferred ‘Monsters’ or ‘Attack the Block’ (for a monster movie of 2011), but it was cool. i had high(er) hopes since i enjoyed ‘fritt vilt’ 1 and 2.

          • Anarchy Pony

            I thought Monsters was pretty cool. Didn’t it have a tiny budget? Yet it was awesome.

          • Jin The Ninja

            proving that hollywood 99% of the time, has it all wrong.
            yeah really tiny – 10-15k i think.

    • Jin The Ninja

      elves are kinda scary, if pissed off.

  • BGD

    Being from the Faroe Islands, Icelands closest neighbour I can confirm that this kind of stuff goes on there, it does so as well here, just not on a political level. 

  • Justin Mitchell

    These are what John Keel referred to as ‘Ultra-terrestrials’ in his book, The Haunted Earth. Quite a fascinating read. 

    • Calypso_1

      Also, which I alluded to in a previous post is:
      The Secret Commonwealth
      An Essay
      On the Nature & Actions of
      The Subterranean
      (and for the most part)
      Invisible People, Heretofore
      Going Under the Name
      Elves, Fauns
      By Robert Kirk
      Which Graham Hancock referenced in his book Supernatural.

  • Bruteloop

     Nice that they can save the elves but not their own economy.

    • Anarchy Pony

      Ignorant troll is ignorant.

  • erikgrad

    26% of Icelanders believe in elves. Holy crap.

  • Freak_m0nkey

    are they the kind of elves that helped the shoemaker or the kind in Lord of the Rings?

  • moongrim69

    Elvish Family Values. Elrond Approves!