Lion Tries Desperately to Consume Infant; Parents Giggle

So how much do you really, really trust the “safety” glass here? Would you risk the life of your infant? Sure, zoos are supposed to be relatively safe places, but the family of Carlos Sousa Jr. knows otherwise.

  • Anarchy Pony

    If you were trapped in a tiny enclosed area that is a poor facsimile of your natural habitat and were constantly gaped at by jabbering apes, you’d try to eat to eat their young too. 
    Also, I love how dumb the kid is. “Oh hey, gigantic apex predator trying to eat me. Guess I’ll just keep sitting here.”

    • tooCents

      True. But, it isn’t as if the baby could make a get away. Or like crying would help. Since it is right there and the parents are unconcerned..

      • Liam_McGonagle

        And realistically, throwing the baby to the lion would have given the parents time to get away.  So from a pure competitive advantage point of view, this would have been the correct response to a lion attack.  Ayn Rand would approve.

        Of course, anyone who wasn’t a sociopathic imbecile probably wouldn’t have put the kid there to begin with.  Even if they didn’t believe there was any real danger, then at least for the sake of teaching the kid some basic survival skills.  Like don’t dangle meaty treats in front of sabre toothed carnivors.

        • Anarchy Pony

          That could crush your head with a single bite.

  • JohnFrancisBittrich

    Aw I have seen that lion! What a bad ass lady!

  • Zenc

    While this might seem risky, people think nothing of traveling at very high rates of speed trusting their well-being and that of their passengers to some very thin and poorly maintained pieces of vulcanized rubber.

  • Liam_McGonagle

    I’m glad someone captured this on video for the ages.

    This will provide hours of entertainment for Mater and Pater while they wait for a visit from Junior to the nursing home, a visit that never comes.

  • Curtis

    Why does anyone care about someone’s home videos at the zoo? Pretty sure the kid wasn’t endangered.

    • Cocomaan

      That was my reaction too. The OP is a total buzzkill. Why don’t we handcuff our kids while we’re at it? That way they won’t be able to pick up things that could possibly endanger them. 

  • RoboKy

    Now we just need to blind the kid and he’d be Daredevil.

  • SPET67

    .  I get that the glass is pretty safe.  But, if it gives, your kid is dead.  That’s a very stupid risk to take.  

  • Calypso_1

    Having so altered our living environment to remove the majority of humans from the more immediate forces of natural selection, it is no wonder that domestic humanity has become a delicatessen for the apex social predators.

  • Liberlotus

    Naww, I don’t think this shows neglect. The trust is same for the child as it is for your own life. Its just as easy for that lion to take the parents life as it is the babies. If your that concerned you shouldn’t be 
    at the zoo in the first place. 

  • Just A Thought

    People need to relax, the glass is obviously sound and the parents didn’t feel the child was in any danger. Besides, the video’s pretty funny, try laughing a little.

  • Bobbie Jean Pentecost

    What an idiotic article. That baby is not in any danger. When was the last time anyone heard a news story about a lioness escaping its enclosure and eating a child. Besides, even if she were holding her child in her arms, if the lioness broke through, they’d be screwed anyway.

  • Barry Grim

    And this is on Disinfo why, exactly…?

  • chinagreenelvis

    This is what happens when you dress your kid up like a little zebra.

  • InPhildel

    Maybe I’m just a pro nature hippie, but taunting large wild animals seems to not be a good message to teach your children. I was raised way back in the ’70’s and was always told to respect nature, especially nature that has the ability to eat you. Besides, doesn’t anyone realize that those animals are probably hurting themselves by trying to get through the safety glass?