Los Angeles’ Hidden Original Subway System

Gelatobaby‘s Alyssa Walker went on an unmissable clandestine urban exploration tour — through the abandoned subway system nestled below L.A., revealing an uninhabited sub-city filled with strange sights:

Behold the Subway Terminal Building, hidden in plain sight in the middle of downtown LA, where at one point during the 1940′s over 65,000 riders were shuffling down into the depths of Los Angeles to board a train which traveled beneath the busy streets. We found ourselves in a vast, pillared space that, even with the tracks and trains removed, felt very much like a subway station. We did reach the end, where there was, of course, graffiti. After being used as a fallout shelter, the tunnel was sealed in the 1960s.


6 Comments on "Los Angeles’ Hidden Original Subway System"

  1. It would be quite interesting if that were turned into mixed retail/entertainment space.

    I can imagine the place might play host to a pretty awesome club scene.

  2. Anarchy Pony | May 26, 2012 at 10:28 pm |

    So is it CHUD infested or what?

  3. In the 80s to late 90s , the end of one of the tunnels was turned into a mecca of the Los Angeles graffiti art scene. The famous BELMONT TUNNELS was a social center for marginalized youth, immigrants, and yes…. gangs. Google it. But now it is a HIGH PRICED APARTMENT COMPLEX THAT NONE OF THE YOUTH AND THERE FAMILIES FROM THE AREA CAN EVEN AFFORD.  AND THEY CALLED IT THE BELMONT STATION.  GENTRIFICATION ANYONE? Criminal activity has gone down, rent has gone up, wages have come down….. which will probably lead to more crime. hahahha    

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