Microsoft Employs Many BitTorrent Pirates While Funding Anti-BitTorrent Startups

MicrosoftWrites Ernesto on TorrentFreak:

In recent weeks the anti-piracy antics of Microsoft have made the news on a few occasions. From censoring The Pirate Bay to funding BitTorrent poisoning startups, the software giant is determined to attack piracy head-on. But perhaps the company should make a start by educating its own employees first. In Microsoft’s offices around the world many company employees are using BitTorrent to download and share pirated movies.

YouHaveDownloaded is a treasure trove of incriminating data on alleged BitTorrent pirates all across the world.

The site, launched late last year, exposes what people behind an IP-address have downloaded using BitTorrent. This data was gathered from public BitTorrent trackers, and the founders released it to show how much information can be found on BitTorrent users who don’t hide their IP-address

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4 Comments on "Microsoft Employs Many BitTorrent Pirates While Funding Anti-BitTorrent Startups"

  1. Mr Willow | May 28, 2012 at 6:42 am |

    Giant multinational corporation being hypocritical? . . . No!

  2. anti-piracy has become a hipster thing, all style and no substance

  3. Well, I just went to, and it showed none of the things I’ve actually downloaded and two that I haven’t (Harry Potter Lego? Really?). No VPN or proxy used, the only accurate info on the site was my location. So take the site’s own advice and don’t take it seriously.

  4. well I work for MS in Europe. And this is my screenshot : 
    Torrent protocol is blocked in the company network. You cant update-download Steam games, or updates either. This post is BS.

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