Military Dogs Being Euthanized As ‘Equipment’ Under Obscure Law

070213-F-7234P-002There is no shortage of people looking to adopt these dogs. Reports Scott MacFarlane on WSB-TV:

They survived running toward death and danger, but some locally trained military dogs of war are not making it home.

Instead, they’re being euthanized.

Channel 2’s Scott MacFarlane learned of an obscure U.S. law that is making it tough for military dogs to be adopted after their service is over.

Army Sgt. David Varkett survived his tour of duty in Afghanistan, because his unit included Nooshka, a 5- year-old dog that sniffed out an improvised bomb before it exploded. “This dog has saved my life and many others,” Varkett said. “She became a little local hero, finding those IEDs.”

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13 Comments on "Military Dogs Being Euthanized As ‘Equipment’ Under Obscure Law"

  1. When we are willing to kill our own without hesitation it is not surprising that we are also willing to kill everything else without hesitation, or reason.

  2. If people are collateral damage, torture and assassination are “legal” tactics, then why on earth would anyone be surprised at this?  

  3. Jameskinnear | May 15, 2012 at 6:13 pm |

    no surprise, military people/leaders are heartless killing machines

    • glidergal | Jun 19, 2012 at 12:04 pm |

       I wonder if you know anyone who is one of these heartless killing machines?  I have grown up with a military father and husband, and I know no two more honorable, gentle and loving men.

  4. They wish they could do this to soldiers with PTSD.

    • They do indeed.

    • glidergal | Jun 19, 2012 at 12:01 pm |

       Who are “they”?  I am a military spouse and I don’t know anyone in the military who wishes to euthanize military dogs or soldiers with PTSD.  There are many organizations that are supported by civilians AND military personal that are working tirelessly to help both causes.

  5. The US government doesn’t care much more for human equipment. This is disgusting. If “We The People” really had any say in this, these things wouldn’t be allowed to continue, and we wouldn’t fight in so many needless wars.

  6.  The killing of these dogs is terrible and tragic but the mindset, the sociopathy behind the behavior is even more worrisome to me. There is something terribly wrong with people who think it is ok to use dogs like this then just…. kill them.

  7. Why don’t they give them jobs in US airports since those naked body scanners have been demonstrated to be a complete joke?

  8. I currently wrote an blog post on military dogs in an attempt to raise awareness and hopefully encourage adoption. Check it out and let me know what you think:

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