Mitt Romney Speaks French Very Well (Video)

What do all the “Freedom Fries” Republicans think about this?

  • Bezrker

    first! still sounds like a douchebag 

  • Jin The Ninja

    accent good. contenance anglo. but like bezrker said,’ still a d-bag. ‘

    • Ceausescu

      His accent is awful ! So is the pronunciation…

      And it’s obvious that he’s reading from a prompter.

      A parrot can do that with practice. Probably better. lol

      • Jin The Ninja

        i suspected he might also be reading from a prompter, his stresses are very unnatural. and he places undo emphasis on e-v-e-r-y single vowel- french people tend to slur a bit, but i thought his accent good.

        • Calypso_1

          Mon avis une bouteille de vin…

  • jenny.

    as an anglophone in canada who is fluent in french, i understood every word he said. there are plenty of reasons to go after people like mitt romney but this is a little bit graspy.

    • feint_ruled

       Yes, in non-bizzarro world this would indeed be a positive point for the man. Alas, these days knowing a second language (French, especially!) no doubt would label you an “intellectual” ready for purging.

  • Redacted

    Well he did hide out in France while Vietnam was going on.  Not that I’m saying being a draft dodging war monger is bad or anything, because that would be silly.

  • brett charlton

    wonder if he had phonetic spelling on the teleprompter, i wouldn’t blame him french is hard. bush needed it for english ffs [o.O]

  • Blah

    he doesn’t seem to understand one bit of what he’s reading.

  • Camjwk

    Mormons go to Missionary training in Salt Lake City, Utah where they learn another language of where they will serve the mission. He may have served a mission in France for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Of course, he is also reading from a teleprompter as anyone else would in a video address; as for his pronunciation, he may just be a bit rusty or using a particular dialect of French. I believe he speaks three languages total, though I am not sure of what the third would be…LOL, haters gonna hate…

  • DeepCough


    • Eocene Holdover

      Impeccable logic.

  • Eocene Holdover

    (R)money blows with the wind very well.

  • Igiveup

    Mitt is a hottie and he speaks french I just might get off my fat ass and vote!

    • Igiveup

      If he puts on a Pepe la pew accent when he runs I might even voluntere for him, oui oui