Mother Convicted Of Enslaving Her Children After Falling Under Fortune Teller’s Spell


Photo: Nrico (CC)

The few psychics I’ve visited here in New York have had disappointingly limited abilities, but this one seems pretty impressive. The Telegraph reports:

Within weeks of the meeting, Linda Clappison started locking her son and daughter, then aged 10 and six, in their rooms and assaulting them.

She fed them only sandwiches and took the light bulbs, toys and all mattresses and bedding from their rooms, leaving them needing hospital treatment for frostbite. Clappison, 46, of Keyingham Marsh, East Yorkshire, was found guilty of two child cruelty charges at Hull Crown Court last month.

She was jailed for 18 months concurrently or each charge. Judge Michael Mettyear, the Recorder of Hull, described the case as “tragic’’. He also praised the children, who gave evidence against their mother. The trial heard that the mother of four forced her two youngest children to work for gipsies as slaves after falling under the spell of a fortune teller.

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6 Comments on "Mother Convicted Of Enslaving Her Children After Falling Under Fortune Teller’s Spell"

  1. If this had been a man, he’d have gotten life.

    • I’m surprised they even jailed her. Usually they just find some random man and scapegoat him.

    • No he wouldn’t. When I was a child, my father beat the shit out of us, threatened to burn the trailer down with us in it, held us hostage at gunpoint, tried to drive us off the road, and even planted crack in my mother’s car to get her arrested. In the end, that last one was the only thing he ever did any jailtime for and it was only a few months. 

  2. GoodDoktorBad | May 12, 2012 at 11:04 am |

    A micro-cosmic example of  the power of suggestion and self -fulfilling prophesy.

    Poor kids…

  3. This woman was clearly nuts already and the “fortune teller” just pushed her over the edge.

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