Priest Claims Schoolgirl Was Kidnapped for Vatican Sex Parties

Vatican CityThe priest making the claim and is a very busy exorcist. Reports the Belfast Telegraph:

A Catholic priest has claimed a missing schoolgirl was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties and has implicated diplomatic staff and members of the Holy See.

Italian priest Gabriel Amorth, 85, said girls were recruited for parties at the Vatican and said the death of 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi, last seen alive in 1983, “was a crime with a sexual motive”.

The priest spoke out last week as investigators broke into the grave of a known gang boss in Rome following an anonymous tip that the key to Emanuala’s disappearance would be “found there”. But so far bones which do not belong to mobster Enrico De Pedis, have not be positively identified as the girl’s…

Read More: Belfast Telegraph

Read More: Belfast Telegraph

5 Comments on "Priest Claims Schoolgirl Was Kidnapped for Vatican Sex Parties"

  1. Huh, the Vatican is kinda shaped like a cock n’ balls.

  2. “Priest Claims Schoolgirl Was Kidnapped for Vatican Sex Parties”

    I knew this was a lie the second the headline read “schoolgirl” and not “schoolboy”.

  3. I’m shocked… 


    I mean, I’ve heard about two cases, one an alleged attempted rape, the other a secret consensual affair where the priests were de-frocked, excommunicated and kicked out in a day…

    Both cases involved ADULT WOMEN….

    Now, if it was “Little Boys” disappearing into the holy see… well like anything like that is news anymore.

  4. The Church is always right. All other thought is heresy, and you will burn in Hell.

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