Russia Wants To Build A Permanent Moon Base

RoscosmosReports Aviation Week:

Mankind’s next objective in space exploration should be the establishment of a permanent international base on the Moon, in the “professional opinion” of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, instead of the near-Earth object (NEO) visit that is the stated goal of U.S. space policy.

Vladimir Popovkin, the Roscosmos head, told the Global Exploration Conference in Washington May 22 that the next big international exploration effort should build on the past 40-plus years of lunar exploration, and not repeat the sortie missions of the Apollo era.

“It’s a new Moon,” Popovkin said of his agency’s concept during a panel appearance with other space agency chiefs. A long-term permanent base could take advantage of the water-ice at the lunar poles, continue exploring the lunar surface, and prepare for the next leap into the Solar System, he says.

The concept, which is roughly the same one NASA pursued under President George W. Bush’s Constellation program of human exploration development, would require the consensus of the other spacefaring nations in the world, Popovkin said through an interpreter…

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  • de

    Oh, like there isn’t already a base there on the far side???

  • Anarchy Pony

    Will there be smoking rooms? And will these smoking rooms be under surveillance?

  • Jai Ankers

    Space exploration will soon be the job of corporations, forget nations.

  • Vadim Shapoval

    Mankind’s next objective in space exploration should be the establishment of a permanent international base on the Moon. US will create the Greatest Source of Electricity. US Nuclear Artillery will initiate the work of US Thermonuclear Sun-2018 in granite quarry. Special artillery (numerous guns): 1) will give thermonuclear fuel [LUNAR helium-3, tritium, deuterium, lithium deuteride] for TS-2018; 2) will synchronously create “effect of the minimum mass for a star” / effect of powerful gravitation / effect of compression; 3) will “shoot towards each other” ; 4) should be located on perimeter of granite quarry. Vadim Shapoval, author of the Ferromagnetic Theory-2006 of Cancer / Carcinogenesis / Oncogenesis / Tumorigenesis (Iron Conception)

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