SAGE: A New State-Corporate Nexus In U.S. Democracy Manipulation

Propaganda_UPR3New Left Project on a new model of propaganda creation and dissemination:

The increasingly close relationship between Google and the US “democracy promotion” apparatus recently took a new turn with the launch of a new, private, non-profit organization designed to manipulate democratic movements in (initially) four nations: Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan and Russia.

Strengthening America’s Global Engagement (SAGE) marks the latest permutation of the long-established nexus of US foreign policy and the interests of capital. It represents a new blueprint for US “strategic communication” which promises to create a new arm for US propaganda.

The plan, released late last month, is remarkably candid. Describing SAGE as “primarily…a grant-making organization”, it promises to “leverage the power of the private sector – where the bulk of American ingenuity, creativity, technological innovation and resources rest – to strengthen communications with foreign publics, in support of U.S. national interests.”

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6 Comments on "SAGE: A New State-Corporate Nexus In U.S. Democracy Manipulation"

  1. The problem with the US is their blatant aspiration for global domination, and more fundamentally, their feeling of being separate from the rest of the world. Neither are problems unique to them.

  2. Googlebot | May 7, 2012 at 8:31 pm |

     The CIA has finally taken the step to neuter not just the US but the world.   World instability, too many unreliable information sources and desperate people make this the prime opportunity to ‘finish off’ the ultimate propaganda job.  A propaganda machine under the non-profit guise,,,nice.  Good way to tracking down who’s on your side or not by donations. 

  3. Nunzio X | May 7, 2012 at 9:39 pm |

    USA: All resources of world are belong to us! (Not void where prohibited)

  4. Anarchy Pony | May 7, 2012 at 11:37 pm |

    And no one is gonna blow it up. Even though it totally should get blown up.

  5. So SAGE vs ‘Anonymous’, somehow I think ‘Anonymous’ is going to win that one. “ingenuity, creativity, technological innovation” aren’t really driven by greed, they never have been.
    They seem to be confusing scheming and plotting to lie, cheat and steal, with “ingenuity, creativity, technological innovation” (that’s just PR=B$, you should never believe your own PR). When ever lies finally have to confront the truth the lie always eventually lose.
    Just look at how Egypt is working out, replacing the old US stooge with the new US stooge and pretending it’s democracy, doesn’t really seem to be working all that well.
    The lesson from the eighties and, nineties seem to have been forgotten, the lies only really work when you can silence the truth.

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