Shepard Smith: “Politics Is Weird and Creepy” (Video)

It’s amazing this guy works at Fox News.

  • Zenc

    When the Green Goblin tells you something is “weird and creepy” you can bet that it really is weird and creepy.

  • tooCents

    Yeah he should know, having had a nice long career at America’s premier right-wing propaganda network. No points for occasional quips of obvious-as-hell no brainer facts, fucker!

  • David Howe

    television is the problem, not the solution

  • Monkey See Monkey Do

    Fox news ‘lacks even the loosest attachment to anything like reality’.

  • Anarchy Pony

    It’s always funny when the talking heads on Fox malfunction for a minute or two.

  • Mamagriff50

    This guy gives me the eeby jeebies!!!!