SOHO Watcher Claims NASA Cover-Up of Spaceship Spotted Near Sun (Video)

Spaceship Near SunPeter Farquhar writes on the Daily Telegraph (AU):

Either we aren’t alone, or it’s nigh time NASA fixed its dodgy cameras. For the third time this year, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) has returned an image of a giant UFO hovering near, or feeding off the Sun. Maybe

In recent years, SOHO has found an extended role as a predictor of solar weather activity, helping scientists on Earth prepare for radiation bursts sent our way by solar flares. On the SOHO homepage, fans can access all sorts of Sun-related data, including images that have been built from observations from any of the dozen or so instruments onboard SOHO, and videos …

Here’s the active SOHO observer, YouTube User rob19791:

  • James Hill

    I Hope these aliens probe the anuses of the entire planet

    • Percydoo2

      Surely James you mean Uranus?

      • N. Drake

        Ba Dum Tish.

        • Percydoo2

          And now in English.

  • Damabupuk

    Looks an awful lot like the spaceship from the Doctor Who episode “42,” where a mining vessel is falling into a sun.

    • N. Drake

      Great episode.

  • Sevenoh4

    looks like nothing to me this is pathetic news you guys come on…

  • jasonpaulhayes

    “NASA are scared that a minority of people including myself have the ability to find and share these things with the General Public” rob19791

    • Haystack

      YouTube cranks are so grandiose. It’s a wonder anyone spends 8+ years getting an advanced degree when any Joe can revolutionize science from the comfort of his mother’s basement. 

    • Artor

      Which must be the reason they make their data available to the public. Makes perfect sense.

  • Scruffy

    The feeds NASA gives the public are edited.

  • Dante

    Obviously this is part of the conspiracy by the 1% / Bigfoot. 

  • Jack

    nothing is going to get that close to the sun without vaporizing

    • IlluminatedOne

      A brown dwarf star could pass with ease… is a star in itself minus the heat but with all the gravitational abilities…..Not a UFO at all… you said….it would vaporize…..but another star??? now that would pass with ease.

  • DeepCough

    Just because it looks like a helicopter don’t mean it is.

  • toots

    looks like a deleted scene from a Predator/Alien movie..perhaps even Prometheus.

  • Riemann Zeta

    Obviously a photino bird laying its eggs

  • Artor

    If it really is an object, and not a camera artifact, it’s significantly larger than Jupiter. I think it’s far more likely to be a comet burning up than a colossal spaceship. 

    • N. Drake

      Well there are totally alien spacecraft that are easily larger than Jupiter routinely zippin’ around the solar system, totally a NASA cover up.

    • IlluminatedOne

      Brown Dwarf Star…..a Comet would melt getting that close…..a Brown Dwarf would just disrupt the Corona of our Sun

  • Maurice

    Nice of them to obliterate the actual image with their text.

  • IlluminatedOne

    That is not a UFO……That would be the brown dwarf star passing our sun……pole switch….coming soon…… Iiam Notsheeple on facebook……