Soldiers Who Desecrate the Dead See Themselves as Hunters

The Lion HunterVia ScienceDaily:

Modern day soldiers who mutilate enemy corpses or take body-parts as trophies are usually thought to be suffering from the extreme stresses of battle. But, research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) shows that this sort of misconduct has most often been carried out by fighters who viewed the enemy as racially different from themselves and used images of the hunt to describe their actions.

“The roots of this behaviour lie not in individual psychological disorders,” says Professor Simon Harrison who carried out the study, “but in a social history of racism and in military traditions that use hunting metaphors for war. Although this misconduct is very rare, it has persisted in predictable patterns since the European Enlightenment. This was the period when the first ideologies of race began to appear, classifying some human populations as closer to animals than others.”

European and North American soldiers who have mutilated enemy corpses appear to have drawn racial distinctions of this sort between close and distant enemies. They ‘fought’ their close enemies, and bodies remained untouched after death, but they ‘hunted’ their distant enemies and such bodies became the trophies that demonstrate masculine skill…

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  1. I never bought that stresses of battle bull but Holy-Woods brainwashing is definitely going to plan . . .

  2. Yes, but once out of the battlefield this same behaviour is considered a serial killer’s behaviour…

  3. Sick shit. 

  4. Established Poster | May 22, 2012 at 1:11 pm |

    Well, I have never served my country or been in combat.  But I don’t by this combat stress crap.  I remember once in college I got the crap beat out of me by some guys at a party, I wasn’t diagnosed with PTSD.  Hollywood invented that whole thing anyway.  They also knew about 9/11 and maybe behind Katrina.  (wow I am way out of my lane and am talking out of my ass, I hope nobody catches on.)

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