The Marco Rubio Bilderberg Conspiracy

Marco Rubio. Photo: Gage Skidmore (CC)

Marco Rubio. Photo: Gage Skidmore (CC)

The power elite has chosen the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. According to the Infowars crowd anyway. Kenneth Vogel stirs things up at Politico:

Mitt Romney isn’t very far into the vice presidential selection process. But according to a dedicated band of conspiracy theorists, the pick is all but a lock: Sen. Marco Rubio.

That’s the current thinking among a worldwide collection of activists who are obsessed with the secretive Bilderberg Group, an alternating roster of global power players who loom as large — if not larger — in the online fever swamps of the fringe as the Trilateral Commission or the Council on Foreign Relations.

The Bilderberg Group, which takes its name from the Dutch hotel where it first gathered in 1954, exists solely to bring together between 100 and 150 titans of politics, finance, military, industry, academia and media mostly from North America and Western Europe once a year to discuss world affairs.

Yet in the netherworld of conspiracy theory, the group is part of an insidious corporate-globalist scheme. And this year, the speculation holds, the Bilderberg Group is set to hold its annual meeting in the coming weeks at a Northern Virginia hotel where, among other things, they likely will select Rubio as Romney’s running mate.

Paranoid? Perhaps.

But like any good conspiracy theory, there’s just enough there to stoke questions…

[continues at Politico]


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12 Comments on "The Marco Rubio Bilderberg Conspiracy"

  1. Everyone is betting Mitt Romney will leave the choice as long as possible and go with Ron Paul if he needs to other than that he can choose a chipmunk like Sarah Palin for all the difference it would make.
    As for choosing an conspiring backstabber tied to rich and greedy, has everyone forgotten who takes power when the president gets assassinated, much safer to choose an outside like Ron Paul that most of the conspirators definitely do not want.
    Seriously if the Bilderberg group existed as described and they wanted to pick your Vice President candidate, I’d look them straight in the eye and tell them, ‘How stupid do you think I am, piss off’, talk about signing yourself up for a bullet in the back, if only JFK hadn’t chosen Lyndon Johnson where would we all be now.

  2. Journalisto | May 21, 2012 at 6:38 am |

    “Participants are barred from revealing the identities of other attendees or what they talked about and the group doesn’t issue public minutes, policy statements or resolutions.”

    And in summary, people are SO STUPID for thinking anything could be afoot there!

    What a lame article.  Journalism fail.

  3. Established Poster | May 21, 2012 at 12:05 pm |

    Are we the only people who see the truth?  I have woken up.  If people like us don’t do something this country will end up a Fascist, Communist, socialist, Marxist dictatorship.  If we all band together in agreement on this site and post in unison with our ultra enlightened disapproval, they will all see that we are not fooled.  We are the same as those middle east protesters and that guy from Tinian square.  We are all part of a cause and didn’t have to leave our computers to do it.  I have to go to work.  We are smart and awesome right guys?

    • “… this country will end up a Fascist, Communist, socialist, Marxist dictatorship.”


  4. sam23sirius | May 21, 2012 at 12:07 pm |

    A bilderberger, a mason, a jew, and a sleestak walk into a bar…

  5. namelesswon | May 21, 2012 at 4:49 pm |

    know your enemy;

  6. Homeygcorndog | May 21, 2012 at 6:56 pm |

    For being the “power-elite”,these supposedly,”omni-potent,illuminati-overlords”,they’re pretty fucking stupid if they’re putting their bucks in2 a losing campaign..we all know obama will win,not because he’s a swell guy,but because its pretty fuckin rare for us NOT to give our presidents their 2nd chance…man,I’m embarrassed to associate myself with SOME conspiracy theories cuz most are so far from reason,& so hollywood-like,it hurts my brain which longs for logic & common sense,not paranoia & Dan Brown-type stories…

  7. If Rubio is a ‘lock’…it won’t because he’s the golden boy of some hidden power…but because he’s a clear appeal to rank and file Teatards and Jesus-crispies and yet ‘ethnic’ at a time when the GOP needs every tiny advantage they can get. Swinging the Hispanic vote back into the fold after spending 4 years bashing the shit out of them would take a miracle…or Rubio. Draw your own conclusions. Its called political expediency. The GOP needs a coalition larger than three rich elderly white guys and their trophy wives…and Romney can’t deliver that without a VP choice with maximum appeal to others.

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