The (Not) Censored TED Talk on Income Inequality

TEDYou can read all the hubbub about this from Noah Kristula-Green on Daily Beast. And here a small bit of TED curator Chris Anderson’s reason (see full explanation here) on why the video was not initially posted:

At TED this year, an attendee pitched a 3-minute audience talk on inequality. The talk tapped into a really important and timely issue. But it framed the issue in a way that was explicitly partisan. And it included a number of arguments that were unconvincing, even to those of us who supported his overall stance. The audience at TED who heard it live (and who are often accused of being overly enthusiastic about left-leaning ideas) gave it, on average, mediocre ratings … Our policy is to post only talks that are truly special. And we try to steer clear of talks that are bound to descend into the same dismal partisan head-butting people can find every day elsewhere in the media.

Judge for yourself here:

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  1. This talk is quite the challenge at a TED conference considering the price and exclusivity of seats. Ted has become mental masturbation for the rich to see and been seen. This talk would have challenged the attendees.

  2. You’re damn right it’s partisan. It’s against both the Republicans who are causing these sorts of problems, and the mushy, “centrist” DINO’s who can’t find their spine long enough to put a stop to it.

    It is entirely disingenuous to say “we blocked this because its partisan” and simultaneously claim to be talking about “how to solve our real problems”. The FACT is, one party has completely lost its damn mind and has gone off into crazy world, and the other has but a thin blue line standing between us and total disaster. Wackjob neocon policy IS our real problem.

    Until that REALITY is faced, none of these problems will get solved. 

    And if discussion of it is “muted” if not “censored” by an attitude like the one the TED sponsors expressed above, then they are very much missing the point, and I’m regretting having actually authored a TED conference speech myself under the illusion that they were actually serious about confronting these issues and transforming the world.

  3. DeepCough | May 18, 2012 at 2:54 pm |

    Letting the rich run determine the course of the economy and the stratification of society is basically aristocracy.

    And now, I leave you with great words of Pastor Ray Hagin.

  4. This is “partisan”??? It talks about economics not politics. This is obviously censorship, and I’m very disappointed on TEDx.

  5. absolutely nothing controversial said here.
    economists have long referred to the “marginal propensity to consume”, which simply put means that when lower income poeple are given more disposable income they are much more likely to spend it than higher income individuals.
    as the speaker pointed out, he makes thousands of times more than the average person, but still owns only 3 cars, not 3000…

  6. TED exposed!

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