The Special Scent of Age: Body Odor Gives Away Age

We are all going to Hell for this. Via Science Daily:

New findings from the Monell Center reveal that humans can identify the age of other humans based on differences in body odor. Much of this ability is based on the capacity to identify odors of elderly individuals, and contrary to popular supposition, the so-called ‘old-person smell’ is rated as less intense and less unpleasant than body odors of middle-aged and young individuals.

“Similar to other animals, humans can extract signals from body odors that allow us to identify biological age, avoid sick individuals, pick a suitable partner, and distinguish kin from non-kin,” said senior author Johan Lundström, a sensory neuroscientist at Monell.

Like non-human animals, human body odors contain a rich array of chemical components that can transmit various types of social information. The perceptual characteristics of these odors are reported to change across the lifespan, as are concentrations of the underlying chemicals..

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  1. Not sure what body odor has to do with going to Hell, but ok… interesting article regardless…

  2. when I was a kid, I was hitch hiking and got picked up by an elderly couple. Their car smelt like death, I felt like I was suffocating. I had them drop me at the next exit. I mean it, it smelt like someone had died in that car.

  3. The “old people smell” is the smell of slow decay.

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