The Web of NATO, Austerity, Capitalism, Economic Hegemony and Occupy

Natalie Solidarity writes at Diatribe Media:

In perusing the online papers, the concern about the NATO summit in Chicago on May 20–21 is palpable in every word. It sticks to the sweaty skin like newspaper ink. The anxiety and fear is obvious across all strata of society.

Chicago police are already threatening violence against Occupy protesters, as documented in this audio footage of a traffic stop. Anti-protester fear mongering rhetoric abounds in the media. A Crain’s Chicago Business article reported that downtown workers have been recommended to doff their suits and ties in order to avoid becoming targets of protester violence.

The same article reported that several downtown banks will shut down leading up to and during the NATO summit. ABC reports that downtown windows are being covered with shatterproof film, high-rise balconies will be closed, entrances locked, and tenants warned to utilize constant vigilance when living their lives during May 20–21. And all the way in Indiana, my daughter’s grandmother abruptly stopped our light-hearted conversation to gravely remind me that with NATO almost here, I am to be so careful with my body and brain, i.e.: not in the streets. It’s not that she’s afraid of NATO or the cops, but those other people.

The media has succeeded in painting protesters as terrorists, and neatly avoided the actual focus of our rage: NATO. NATO is our reason to fight.

But why? Why all of the NATO-hate? What is it about NATO that draws protesters in from across the world to stand in the streets and voice their dissent about this coalition?

  • NATO functions as a military wing for most of the governments of the G8 — the U.S., the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and Canada. G8 member Russia — not so much. NATO actions in Afghanistan, Libya and Pakistan, in particular, parallel the historic economic and imperial interests of the Western elites who run NATO governments.
  • NATO is not a defensive group. It is a global intervention power – and its intervention is selective. NATO ‘intervened’ in Libya, where multinational oil companies are now hustling to take over Libya’s vast oil resources and the ‘rebels’ we backed are gutting human rights, including womens’ rights.
  • Unelected representatives from 28 countries decide where to focus the might of the NATO military machine. NATO claims to operate through consensus, but the people of the countries that make up NATO have no say in the decision making process.
  • NATO only represents 28 countries in third world, yet makes military plans that effect the entire world, without giving the remaining 168 countries any say.
  • NATO is fine with US drone attacks in Yemen, which support one of the region’s most ruthless dictatorships, and the U.S. and NATO turn a blind eye to the brutality of the Bahraini dictatorship, essentially aiding and abetting these governments’ suppression of protest movements against corruption and dictatorship.
  • Peace cannot be brought through the barrel of a gun or the explosion of bombs. NATO responds to threats and uprisings by bringing more violence and unstable regime changes to global conflicts.
  • The NATO treaty says an attack on one member country will be responded to by all countries who have signed the treaty, up to and including military force, giving NATO the role of policing the world.
  • Currently, Turkey may call for NATO action over conflicts at its border with Syria. Under NATO rules, the US may be obligated to respond with military intervention.
  • NATO is the embodiment of death and chaos, trying to create harmony through destruction. Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity.

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