Tony Blair Called ‘War Criminal’ By Protester at Leveson Inquiry (Video)

Via ITN News:

  • Journalisto

    We’ll conduct an investigation immediately… not into important things like war profiteering, but rather, how lowly citizens are able to interrupt our fascism meet-and-greets.

  • tristan eldritch

    Keep on rockin in the free world.

  • Brown_dai

    Somebody should ‘rendition’ Tony Blair back to Malaysia where he has already been tried in absentia and found guilty already…

  • DeepCough

    This is bloody outrageous! Because Tony Blair is not a War Criminal: he is a lapdog-patsy thereof!

    • corbymoon

      Lapdog patsy don’t be fooled, he wasn’t. he was pushing for invasion long before weapons of mass distruction angle and well before 911

  • corbymoon

    Weapons of mass distruction fabrication, 5million orphans,almost  million dead , horendious cancers and deformities due to depleted uranium in Feluja, the fact that Blair was pushing Clinton when he was in office to invade Iraq, before weapons of mass distruction were ever suggested and Clinton refused invasion, shows Blair was originlly  the one calling for an invasion and the fact that Britin and US ignored UN and invaded  begs to ask who was pushing and backing Blair was he on someones payroll Not to mention that he states he has no regrets concerning Iraq. Would say yes he is  war criminal and belongs in the Hague.