UK Supreme Court Agrees To Extradition Of Julian Assange Of WikiLeaks

Julian Assange. Photo: Espen Moe (CC)

Julian Assange. Photo: Espen Moe (CC)

It’s looking likely that Julian Assange is on his way to Sweden. Report from AP via Google News:

Britain’s Supreme Court has endorsed the extradition of WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange to Sweden, bringing the secret-spilling Internet activist a big step closer to prosecution in a Scandinavian court.

But a question mark hung over the decision after Assange’s lawyer made the highly unusual suggestion that she would try to reopen the case, raising the prospect of more legal wrangling.

Assange, 40, has spent the better part of two years fighting attempts to send him to the Sweden, where he is wanted over sex crime allegations. He has yet to be charged.

The U.K. side of that struggle came to an uncertain end Wednesday, with the nation’s highest court ruling 5-2 that the warrant seeking his arrest was properly issued — and Assange’s lawyer saying she might contest the ruling.

Supreme Court President Nicholas Phillips, reading out the verdict, acknowledged that coming to a conclusion in the high-profile case had “not been simple.”…

[continues at AP via Google News]


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  1. Bullshit charges are bullshit. One woman already withdrew her charges and the other one was mad because he “might possibly have given her an STD.” Besides, since when the FUCK has anyone ever been extradited on sexual misconduct allegations? I mean for fuck’s sake, in most places around the world, a caught-red-handed rapist will spend maybe a year or two behind bars, let alone be fuckin extradited. You can say what you want about Assange and his cause, but let’s not pretend this is anything other than what it really is: a sorry excuse for a crack down on someone trying to bring truth to light. 

  2. meanwhile
    the war criminals
    Bush, Cheney & Obummuer are free as birds
    military justice at its finest

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