Woman Hands Over Her Life Savings To Hypnosis Robbers

imagesBe careful whom you talk to in the city streets, because something like this could happen. Anti-hypnosis sunglasses may be worn as a preventative measure. 93.9 MIA reports:

Boston’s Chinatown has been on edge since a 57-year-old woman claimed three women used hypnosis to get her to fork over $160,000 in life savings, police say.

The victim was food shopping April 15 when the women tapped her on the shoulder and began asking her questions. The victim says one of the suspects spoke and her henchwomen handed her a plastic bag. She was told to go home and meet them several hours later on Boston Common.

The victim filled the bag with a necklace, a jade bracelet, two gold rings, her passport and $160,000 in cash. She then went to the meeting spot and handed over the fortune. The incident has Chinatown on alert, with two similar shakedowns reported since then.

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  1. At least they didn’t hack your brain for it like they will after the precious “singularity”.

  2. To me it seems more likely that something like Scopolamine was used.

    • GhettoRice | May 14, 2012 at 6:40 pm |

       Yea me thinks a new wave of this might be coming into the west, I also wonder how many idiots are going to be trying this after the latest Vice guide episode (I assume that might be what you saw as well recently)

      • I’ve been familiar with Scopolamine for quite some time now, at least since the time _Serpent and the Rainbow_ was published.

        I also did see that Vice TV episode a couple of years back.

        I see that it has recently been recycled by DailyMail or some British tabloid website.

        There are always some idiots who are bound to “copycat”…

  3. Lol one time Scruffy went to a drug dealer, chatted them up, got the drugs, left, then realized he forgot to pay. Being able to do that on purpose would be a trick.

  4. Creepy Hypnotist | May 14, 2012 at 4:55 pm |

    Possible, but this was probably not the first time she was hypnotized by them.  They probably did hypnotherapy with her, and then found she was a great hypnotic subject in advance.  It’s way easier than most would like to think.  

  5. as a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, I can assure you this isn’t possible. There will be another explanation.

  6. Homeygcorndog | May 14, 2012 at 6:06 pm |

    @elman123,you seem to b a rational voice in a sea of crazies,lol.I like to read some of the comments on here just 4 entertainment…like @Zenc:disqus N.Drake…wtf are you talking about man? lmao. Such a vague,irrational sounding statement just thrown in there,what,r u expecting somebody to beg an explanation in aww? sorry,off topic…buts its hilarious. But on topic,the general belief is that you can’t hypnotize someone against their will,but if you look at baptist priests hitting their congregation on the head with everyone cheering on their delusional belief that a demon is being cast out of them,it might b possible if the plan is complex enough & the said victim is naive enough

  7. Homeygcorndog | May 14, 2012 at 6:12 pm |

    I don’t know why it put “Zenc”,I wasn’t talkin about you man

  8. I’ve employed a failsafe lifelong solution: I’m broke and okay with it. Maybe they’d get a couple hundred dollars.

  9. skeptics like randi only debunk hypnosis when there’s promising gains, not when it’s potentially used as a tool for negative purposes. but why wouldn’t a non-bunk idea have negative uses? all other common day technology both have positive and negative use. but the more people are aware of it and more people understand how to use it the less like it can be abused because there’s no knowledge over someone else

  10. Think What I Tell You | May 14, 2012 at 11:53 pm |

    The People hand over their rights and lives to a hypnotic government every day.

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