You’re The Drive: Digital Data Can Now Be Stored In DNA

DNA SplitCarl Franzen writes at TPM Idea Lab:

Forget saving files to flash drives and cloud servers. Now, digital information can be stored in the DNA of living organisms, thanks to a breakthrough discovery by researchers at Stanford University in California.

A trio of scientists successfully demonstrated the ability to flip the direction of DNA molecules in sample E.coli bacteria in two directions, mimicking the “1s” and “0s” of binary code, which is at the root of all modern computer calculations.

“Essentially, if the DNA section points in one direction, it’s a zero. If it points the other way, it’s a one,” said Pakpoom Subsoontorn, a bioengineering graduate student at Stanford involved in the research, in an article on the Stanford School of Medicine website

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  • Zenc

    Who knows, maybe our introns are God’s Cloud Drive….

    • Anarchy Pony

      So this whole time I thought I was a person with an individual will and personality, I was actually an exotic form of thumb drive?

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  • MadHierophant

    I’m more interested in being able to hack the data that’s already there. 

  • Robg

    What about the third, or neutral point, when you’re on the crisscross point of the coil, when it’s not a zero or a one? Philip Gardiner discusses this reality that our binary understanding is missing, in his book, The Shining Ones.