A Major U.S. Nuclear Base Running A ‘Containment Exercise’ Amid Censored Radiation Spikes?

Via the 4th Media:

Amid a number of reports of massive and bizarre radiation readouts coming from experts, eyewitnesses, radiation facilities, and a key choice news outlet, it has now come out that one of the largest nuclear bases is currently running a ‘nuclear containment exercise’. The Minot Airforce Base exercise, running in North Dakota, reportedly involves the use of B-52 aircrafts. The news comes after a developing story arose over the potential cover-up of a nuclear situation stemming from near the border of Indiana and Michigan.

Sources from near where the elevated levels of radiation were observed say that a Department of Homeland Security ‘hazmat’ fleet has been dispatched after ‘years’ of inactivity. The story first erupted after online geiger readings showed an unprecedented radiation spike in the area, with levels reaching as high as 7.139 counts per minute (CPM) over the average of between 5 and 6. While there has been no official reported cause of the spike, there has been quite a bit of foul play regarding the information being put forth by many media outlets, the EPA, and even radiation measurement centers. After the readings shocked viewers, the EPA quickly censored the ability to view the levels online…

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  1. This is some terrible reporting. They took a reddit page from over the weekend and just presented it as gospel even tho it’s been pretty much debunked.

  2. here is a link to the source material these idiots are ‘reporting’ on 


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