Anonymous Calls For Project Mayhem 2012 (Video)

Via Anonymous Central:

Look, the people you are after are the people you depend on.

We cook your meals,
we haul your trash,
we connect your calls,
we drive your ambulances.
We guard you while you sleep.


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  1. It’s utterly amazing that their 10,000th mash-up video warning of their incredible power and impending action still gets people excited. Like the Anon “spokesman” Disinfo breathlessly reported on two months ago who said they had access to “every U.S. government classified database that has ever existed in the history of the world!” (But, of course, they can’t prove it.)

    These people are the activist equivalent of Harold Camping. 

    “The world’s about to end … really this time, it actually is! I promise! For realz, guys, look over here at me – it’s gonna go!” Anonymous is a dude with a copy of Moviemaker for Mac. 

    • As long as they keep the FBI and other enforcement arms of the various governments and corporations busy, I’m fine with them seeming to promise more than they can deliver.

      If some kid can take a couple hours of his time and produce a video upload that costs the government thousands or millions of dollars in man-hours to analyze, why would you be against that?

      • I was forced, under penalty of prison, to send the U.S. Government $12,000 last year for my share of the “millions of dollars in man-hours to analyze.” I would have achieved much greater satisfaction spending $12K on a month-long cruise in the South Pacific than I received spending $12K on a couple giggles reading a disinfo post and watching a YouTube video. 

        Anonymous hasn’t and doesn’t do anything. If they were anything more than a vanity art project the $12K might have been money well spent.

        • Trust me on this, if the government didn’t spend your 12k on tracking down Anonymous they’d have found a far worse way to spend it.

          You would not have been allowed to keep it in any case.

      • That’s your thousands or millions of dollars. Douche!!

  2. Most of the world isn’t made up of Tyler Durdens. Most of the world just wants to kick back on a Sunday and play with the kids, the dog, the remote control helicopter, the vintage car etc … and most do just that. Yes we all grumble about having to work but see it as a necessary means to an end. Most people don’t want anarchy they just want security and a nice home with a kitchen and a pool. And once again most have just that. Of course I’m speaking of the western world and it would be remiss not to recognise the massive problems associated with the third world. But the people who know about Anon and Disinfo are of the former group. Videos like this one do nothing to spur action. If the worst atrocities we can point to are those of politicians spending tax payer’s money on TVs etc then we haven’t got much to complain about. But step into the shoes (if they had shoes) of the average Somalian child and see their world for a day.

    • A Random Stranger | Jun 14, 2012 at 11:29 pm |

      Yeah because most people actually have a pool and kick back on a Sunday with *insert hobby/family here*. I’m surprised that you don’t realize most people don’t have this, most people  flock to where the jobs live, housing tends to get more expensive and therefore if you had a pool you would not be most people. Now do I think Anarchy and what not would be a good idea? Fuck no that’s fucking insane we have it fucking great, we already have it fucking amazing, now should we just forget about our government? No, but we sure as hell shouldn’t take it over, We have one of the best possible governmental systems in place, but because it’s not good does not mean we should destroy it/rebuild it. If someone was mentally ill do we just kill them? Fuck no, we actually treat the problem instead of killing them, and if it goes to far? Unless it gets to the point where they have gone past what we can not restore, then we can help that person get better.

      • Maybe we can cut just a little Z on their forehead?

      • I know most people dont have this but most disinfo readers and people who follow the comings and goings of Anon probably do. I’m not saying we have a perfect system of governance – far from it but no one is going to do anything about it because we – the powerful – have our lot. I’m all for improvements … but little will happen when we are busy satisfying our needs. With brains shaped on the African savanah we are inherently concerned about surviving and not so much about ‘big picture’ stuff … which is a major flaw.

    • F@%k my fellow man | Jun 15, 2012 at 2:29 am |

      You say a necessary means to an end, what end and what means do you speak. slavery is still slavery even with the vintage car, house and pool etc… In Somalia you can see the corruption the elite don’t even try to hide it. And in the western world it is disguised as politics that help the few and screw the many…. Why even bring up Somalian child that has no shoes we have those right here in our own country!

      • The end I speak of is the satisfaction of human needs: food, shelter etc without which obviously you cannot live. I don’t doubt we are slaves in gold chains but most of us know this and see it as a trade off for the satisfaction of our needs. Why the Somalian child? Well because in Somalia the poverty is prolific and ‘the norm’. Wherever you are I’m sure there is poverty a plenty. Where I live – not so much but still noticeable from time to time.

  3. Clstine65 | Jun 14, 2012 at 10:44 pm |

    I like Anonymous, but if they want to impress us, they need to do what was actually done with Project Mayhem. Hell, who wouldn’t be happy to be free of debts? Just sayin….

    •  Why is it the ones who work the hardest in the most undesirable jobs are paid the least and the ones who put in the least true effort in the most desirable work are paid the most.
      Hmm, psychopathic manipulation of the reality of effort, the rewards of the charlatan and the fraud the perpetrate upon human society.
      Those who are most often demeaned, those who slave hidden and suppressed closest to the psychopaths at the top and often in the best position to undermine that enslavement of all.
      The errors, the accidents, the leaks, random contaminations, disrupted effort, each on it’s own of little consequences but when combined it can bring down the most powerful oppressive conspiracy and, the worst corruption of democracy.

    •  get out there and fucking do something about it then!!!

  4. Year of ‘teh’ apocalypse… nice,serious attention to detail there.Not seeing much of a plan there either.I’m kind of sick of this slapdash propaganda!(but at least its gets people thinking about it I guess)

    Only a person in the throws of egomania would presume that humanity would create the destruction of the world, In the grand scheme of things I think its clear we have very little power over what may or may not happen to this planet we just happen to have evolved on.

    I pose an idea to those anonymous and my friends in the western world where this kind of information is easily reachable to the point of saturation;

    Use this date ^^^^ as an excuse to have a party with your nearest and dearest, reflect on the privileged situation we find ourselves and have a bloody good time!

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  6. Yeah, nice creepy video. Now how about we see some action? 

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