Canadian Airports Being Wired With Cameras and Microphones To Eavesdrop on Travelers’ Conversations

Reports Ian MacLeod in the Ottawa Citizen:

Airports and border crossings across Canada are being wired with high-definition cameras and microphones that can eavesdrop on travellers’ conversations, according to the Canada Border Services Agency.

A CBSA statement said that audio-video monitoring and recording is already in place at unidentified CBSA sites at airports and border points of entry as part of an effort to enhance “border integrity, infrastructure and asset security and health and safety.”

As part of the work, the agency is introducing audio-monitoring equipment as well.

“It is important to note that even though audio technology is installed, no audio is recorded at this time. It will become functional at a later date,” CBSA spokesman Chris Kealey said in a written statement. But whenever that occurs, the technology, “will record conversations,” the agency said in a separate statement in response to questions from the Ottawa Citizen

Read More: Ottawa Citizen

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  • BuzzCoastin

    “…even though audio technology is installed, no audio is recorded at this time.
    It will become functional at a later date,” CBSA spokesman Chris Kealey said

    Canadian Marshall Mcluhan:
    Media affect you, the individual citizen.
    “Electrical information devices for universal,
    tyrannical womb-to-tomb surveillance are causing a very serious dilemma
    between our claim to privacy and the community’s need to know.
    The older, traditional ideas of private, isolated thoughts and actions
    –the patterns of mechanistic technologies–
    are very seriously threatened by new methods of instantaneous electric information retrieval,
    by the electrically computerized dossier bank–
    that one big gossip column that is unforgiving, unforgetful and
    from which there is no redemption, no erasure of early ‘mistakes.’
    We have already reached a point where remedial control,
    born of knowledge of media and their total effects on all of us, must be exerted….”
    The Medium is the Massage, 1967

  • VoxMagi

    Sorry Canada. Its not like I didn’t try to warn you for most of the last decade. The one export the US has left is jobs for cheaper workers…other than that…all we export are ideas: like corporate fascism and the accompanying loss of personal freedom and expectation of privacy. Stop buying the hype, go toss out the loosely entrenched neo cons in your political realm, and keep them out…or you WILL wind up like us, broke as hell, constantly looking back at the glory days of yesteryear when government still worked for you…instead of the other way around.

    • welcome to OZ

      Neo Cons, NDP, Liberal it doesn’t matter. The party may change but the puppet masters behind the curtain stay the same!!! 

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