CDC: ‘Does Not Know of a Virus or Condition That Would Reanimate the Dead’

Kim LaCapria writes on the Inquisitr:

Okay, if you hadn’t felt the last few days were just like the beginning of a zombie apocalypse movie, then perhaps the CDC coming out and saying everybody stay calm, there is no zombie apocalypse will perk your ears up.

Seriously, is there anything that says “we have zombies” more than the CDC denying we have zombies? The web chatter started in earnest last weekend, when a gruesome story out of Florida went viral, in which an apparently psychotic man attacked another, chewing the second’s face for nearly twenty minutes before police were forced to fire off a full clip at the assailant, eventually killing him.

(It was reported that the attacker carried on chewing his victim’s flesh after having been shot, which is a behavior many associate with zombie tropes on TV and in film.) But it wasn’t just the Florida face-chewing incident that got web searchers buzzing. Another incident involved a doctor who began spitting blood at arresting officers during a traffic stop and was difficult to subdue afterwards at the hospital, and a few incidents in which hazmat teams were dispatched to schools after reports of unexplainable rashes popping up among large numbers of students…

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6 Comments on "CDC: ‘Does Not Know of a Virus or Condition That Would Reanimate the Dead’"

  1. teachpeace | Jun 3, 2012 at 12:47 pm |

    Maybe it’s not a question of Reanimate, maybe it’s a question of transition from living to….barely, and being pissed about it. 

  2. I’ve met George Romero and his crew a few times. They must be laughing all the way to the bank.
    “Gun Crazy Americans”? No, just shooters with a sense of humor–something a few people on this site could use, apparently. Also, in this context ‘zombie’ is used as a metaphor for some real-life dangerous creatures.  Don’t feel too bad — some of the shooters don’t get it, either.

  3. I am so happy to know that some one can chew people’s face off. I don’t know why?

  4. So interesting… love it. LOL Did you guys know about the whole wikileaks that had information on CDC advising anyone in GA and FL that are acting a bit… delirious, fevers, etc. must be quarantined and anyone in contact with these individuals must be quarantined until cleared? Was only on their site for 45 mins before it was taken down. Not sure the “accuracy” of these reports.. but very interesting indeed.. hmm..

  5. THEY are NOT Zombies,nor are they dead. In fact, they are alive & well, and can be found at,

    There’s over 2 billion of’em sharing this planet with us.  The brighter light from the Photon Belt
    really ‘brings out their hidden side’.  But, “don’t judge them for their eyes. Judge them, for their acts”…


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